How To Make a Packer | DIY FTM Packer

On a tight budget? I’ll show you how to make a packer with minimal supplies that are cheap.

FTM Packing and Airport Security | Avoid Airport Mishaps

Check out Our FTM Packing and Airport Security Tips to Avoid Airport Mishaps and Fly the Skies with Ease!

How To Wear A Packer

When you first learn how to wear a packer, it's easy to be overwhelmed with positioning, keeping your packer in place...

3 Best FTM Packer Underwear Brands

There's a lot of bad packer underwear out there. Here are 3 awesome brands that won't let you down.

3 Best FTM STP Devices Under $50

Good STPs can be expensive. Check out our recs for 3 great STPs under $50.

11 Essential STP Packer Tips

Complete tutorial on how to use an STP

Packing With Friends: My Friend-Created Sock Peen

Lex Horwitz tried packing with a little help from their friends.

Packing Truth

"If you identify with maleness then it’s already yours. You don’t have to go proving it to anyone, especially yoursel...

5 Essential FTM Bathroom Tips

If you are just coming out and wondering what it's like to use the men's room, here is what to expect.

13 Best FTM Packers to Fix Your Dysphoria

Read about the top packers we recommend for guys at every stage in your packing journey.

3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Packer

Once you’ve decided what kind of packer you want, here are 3 things you should know before making the final plunge.

I Wore A Mr. Limpy For 7 Days Straight And This Is What I Learned

T. Wise is challenged to wear a soft packer for a week straight.
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