3 Best FTM Packer Underwear Brands

Best Packer Underwear
By: Scout Rose


There was a time in the not so distant past when the best packing underwear available was DIY. There was one brand you could buy ready-made, but it looked like some kind of hospital underwear. At the time, if you didn't want to wear something super ugly or make your own, your only other option was prayer. That is to say, prayers that your packer wouldn't fall out when dropping trou in the bathroom.

Fortunately, that has all changed in recent years. Today there are many underwear companies making great FTM underwear options. This variety also means that FTMs have the privilege of choice when it comes to cut and style. You can choose between boxer briefs, jockstraps, harnesses, and more. You can also decide if you want to go with a classic, basic look, or something more sporty and fun.

Sad to say, however, that there are also still a lot of duds out there. My main complaint is that a lot of packing underwear leaves WAY too room for your packer to move around in.

For example, I recently bought a pair of underwear from a company that will remain nameless. I absolutely loved these packer boxers for the first half-hour wearing them. Unfortunately, everything was downhill after that. The first mild annoyance happened when they started riding up my legs. Every five minutes or so I felt the need to reach down my pants and pull the legs back down. Hmph.

Strike two happened while walking to the gym a half-hour later. Perhaps once the fabric was warm and stretched out a bit, it began creeping into my booty crack. Soon enough, I was also pulling a wedgie out of my butt every couple of minutes.

By the time I got to the gym, my packer was swinging around in the pouch in a way that was truly irritating. I was wearing my Santos STP and while the head bounced against my left leg, the cup bounced against my right one. It was supremely annoying. In fact, I got so frustrated that I went to the bathroom, took off my underwear and packer, and worked out commando.

I know I can’t speak for everyone here, but the thing I want most from my underwear is a nice, snug packing experience. And now that I've worn the good stuff, I have a much lower tolerance for anything uncomfortable. Fortunately, there IS good stuff out there. The following 3 brands of packing underwear are truly top notch.

Read, pack and prosper.



Jockmai Jockstrap


Jockmail is a Hong Kong-based company that produces high-quality underwear in many styles. The general aesthetic of the brand is decidedly athletic. Think primary colors, accent striping, and block lettering. This makes a lot of sense because Jockmail underwear, in particular, is great for working out. The packer pocket on Jockmail is small enough to keep your packer secure and close to your body. I've done everything from cartwheels to handstands, without so much of a wiggle from my packer. You can also be confident that your packer will not fall out when you're changing into your gym shorts.

It's important to note that not all Jockmail underwear is made for packing. They also make standard, non-packing underwear as well as underwear for booty enhancement. You can find those other styles on their main site. But all the underwear on Transguy Supply is made for packing. Check out their packer briefs, boxer briefs, and jockstraps in a range of colors.

Because it’s a Hong Kong-based brand, the sizing runs much smaller than US sizes. Unfortunately, this means Jockmail is not really a viable option for lots of bigger guys. Anyone with a waist size of more than 38" will find these products too tight for comfort. Fortunately, Jockmail isn’t the only company out there making great packing underwear.


Speakeasy Briefs

Red Speakeasy Packer Underwear


Each pair of Speakeasy Briefs comes with a zippered pocket sewn into the front. Speakeasy was originally created for guys who want to sneak their flasks into shows. The company actually sells flasks made to go in the underwear's front pocket. Leave it to trans guys to discover that these boxer briefs are also fantastic for holding a packer in place. We've always been a resourceful bunch.

Speakeasy makes one style of underwear only: solid color boxer briefs. The color options here are limited too. These packing skivvies only come in black, red and turquoise. Where they lack in flair, however, Speakeasy makes up for in comfort. Super soft and stretchy, these underwear are easily the most comfortable on this list. And they come in a full range of sizes so are great for bigger guys.

The pocket on this underwear is a bit larger than the Jockmail pocket. This means it can fit larger packers, but also means that a smaller packer might move around a tad. But honestly, just a tad. Definitely not enough to annoy you. And not enough for your packer to shift completely sideways. Plus, the Speakeasy pocket has a zipper so there's literally zero change for your packer to fall out.



I recently bought a pair of their new TRUHK underwear. I'll admit that the design looked a bit weird to me at first. But H-front flies have been popping up in the underwear world lately and are gaining in popularity. In fact, you probably won't be the only guy in the locker room wearing something that looks like this.

The TRUHKs are actually made from bamboo, so they're ultra soft. For some reason, the bamboo also hangs in a way that creates less ride up on your legs. Score! RodeoH designed the TRUHK's specifically for use with an STP called the "Realistic STP." Unfortunately, I don't own one of those (yet) and so I couldn't test it out. Other transguys have been reporting great experiences though.

I tried my pair out with a couple of other models and had varying degrees of success. Ok, I actually failed miserably and got pee all over myself every time I tried to use a different STP with my TRUHKs. But like I said, it's designed to be compatible with the Realistic STP and not these other models.


A Quick Note On "Pouch" Underwear

I honestly take issue when people claim that any old brand of pouch underwear is “packer friendly.” It's important to take the safety of trans folks seriously. If you can't guarantee my packer won't fall onto the floor when I'm using a public bathroom, your underwear is not "packer friendly."

I should also be able to do handstands, jumping jacks and acro yoga without having to worry about my Mr. Right splatting on the floor in front of my gym crush. In fact, if your underwear doesn't meet these criteria, I consider them “packing hostile.”

Need some examples? These pouch underwear brands include Pump, Marco Marco, Andrew Christian and [insert any other gay underwear brand here].

Don't misunderstand me, these companies make excellent, sexy, quality underwear. (Extra shout out to both Marco Marco and Andrew Christian for being trans-inclusive in their model selections.) But what they make is NOT packing underwear. It’s pouch underwear, and there is a difference.

Pouch underwear is called such because it contains a pouch in the crotch region. It is meant to enhance the visual appearance of your junk. Guys who have had phalloplasty, and who want to show off their bulge will likely love pouch underwear. But for guys who pack, use pouch underwear at your own risk. And don't say I didn't warn you.

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