Jockmail Packing Briefs

by Jockmail

Your new favorite packer underwear. Jockmail Packing Briefs come with a special pouch for your packer. This pouch keeps your packer nice and tight against your body. Plus the cloth barrier prevents your packer from chaffing your sensitive bits.
Jockmail Briefs also come with a removable soft foam insert that you can use instead of a packer. This is great for guys who don't have a packer or who don't want an anatomical bulge. Of course, you can always remove the soft foam insert and drop in your favorite packer. The pouch is big enough to fit most packer sizes but small enough to keep your packer secure. Made soft with a combo of 92% cotton and 8% spandex.

Jockmail underwear runs small. Do NOT order your "normal" size underwear. We also don't recommend ordering your regular jeans size. Jockmail is low rise and sits on your hips and not your true waist. Instead, measure the part of your hips just below your hip bones and consult the guide below for correct sizing. If you have bigger thighs, we recommend choosing the jockstrap or brief models as the legs can also be a bit tight. If you are unable to measure, we recommend you order 2 full sizes above your normal size

MEDIUM - 27-29"

LARGE - 30-32"

EXTRA LARGE - 33-35"

XXL - 36-38"


Wash in cold water. Drying this product in the dryer will result in normal cotton shrinkage. If you'd like to minimize this, your Jockmail underwear can be air-dried.



" I just want to say the underwear pouch is just perfect and the packer just fit perfectly compared to the other brands I've tried before." - @hubbycee

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Clay Bowden
Some of my new favourites

I love them, but when I pack with them they’re too high. I use a jockstrap with them and adore them though, I’ve ordered them before and will order them again!

Taylor Burch
Best packing underwear ever

I have tried several different types of packing underwear and harnesses and this is before the best. It holds my packer tightly in place, it literally does not move at all and the underwear is super comfortable

Excellent and Affordable!

This was my first time buying a packer or trans friendly underwear, and they didn’t disappoint! These underwear are comfy and do their job. The foam packer is just the right size and gives me the confidence boost I needed. They do run extremely small, so be careful to measure before your purchase to make sure you get a proper fit.

Lincoln Follett

One of the most comfortable trans friendly underwear I have ever owned

anonymous cat
Works great

Kinda tight around the legs tho. Definitely go for something a size bigger than you'll think you need.


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