Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging


The Transguy Supply blog is a collection of resources created BY trans people FOR trans people.

The purpose of the Transguy Supply is to publish content that will help our readers and our community. We will occasionally publish pieces that are purely for entertainment purposes, but we have a strong preference for helpful content.

Helpful content may include book/movie reviews, how to’s, potential solutions to common problems, round-ups, or stories outside the typical trans narrative that help people feel seen. 

We prefer that the length of each blog post be between 500 and 3,000 words, but may make exceptions to this at our own discretion.

Content provided by Guest Blogger should not be in contradiction with Transguy Supply's mission or values. We reserve the right to refuse any content or any piece of content. 



Content provided must be Guest Blogger’s original work and must not be published anywhere else online, before and/or after it is published on Transguy Supply's blog. Once Guest Blogger has submitted content to us, it may not be published anywhere else online, including Guest Blogger’s own website/blog. Posts will acknowledge your authorship but will be the property of Transguy Supply.

You are more than welcome to share a link to the posts you have authored on social media or your website.

Plagiarism is not permitted. Guest Blogger agrees to ensure that all sources are properly credited. Transguy Supply will not be held accountable for improperly credited sources. Guest Blogger agrees to take all responsibility for plagiarism or improper citations.



Transguy Supply will accept images and/or video to accompany blog posts. Images and video must be related to the content in the article. We reserve the right to reject any image or video. We reserve the right to use our own image/video or any other image/video of our choosing alongside any blog post. If Guest Blogger provides an original image, Guest Blogger gives Transguy Supply permission to use that image. Guest Blogger will verify that Transguy Supply has permission to use any image that Guest Blogger provides. If Guest Blogger is borrowing an image, Guest Blogger agrees to use proper attribution.



Guest Post writers will be allowed to have one link to their website or social media profile within the author acknowledgment. This may not be an affiliate link or point to an affiliate site. 

Transguy Supply reserves the right to add its own affiliate links where appropriate.

Transguy Supply reserves the right to refuse and remove any link in the byline or within the post. This may be done without notice.



Transguy Supply may make edits to any post to ensure that the blog adheres to our values and mission. We may make changes to the content for any reason. Prior to publication, we will make sure that Guest Blogger agrees with the changes.

If a guest post is inappropriate or needs improvement, we will give Guest Blogger notice and may offer suggestions.

We reserve the right to refuse publication, remove any content, and make changes to these guidelines.

Once we officially post a Guest Post, you're welcome to request we make grammatical or wording changes. Any edits that change the content or meaning of an article will need an "EDIT:" disclaimer added with a date. You are also welcome to request changes/updates to your name, bio, or links. If at any time in the future you want to request such changes, email us and we'll do our best to accommodate. 



Transguy Supply offers compensation for work published on our website based on the length of the article.

$50 USD for 500-1000 word articles

$100 USD for feature-length articles up to 3000 words

Transguy Supply will make exceptions for more experienced writers or for articles that require a great deal of research and citation. 

Compensation is not available for content that promotes a product or service.

If your article is accepted, payment will be made within 14 days of your article being posted.


Each party confirms its agreement to the Terms & Conditions listed above. By publishing content or by allowing us to publish content on the Transguy Supply website/blog, Guest Blogger confirms his/her/their agreement to these Terms & Conditions.

Please contact or submit your work by emailing 


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