Transguy Supply is the company I wish had existed when I began my transition back in 2004. At the time, finding the supplies I needed to help me feel more comfortable and confident in my transition required combing through message boards, long internet searches, and uncertain purchases. I wanted to create a place where transguys could go and know they're getting quality products from people who get where they're coming from. 

I also wanted to create a shopping experience for trans folks that feels good, with bright clean images, easy navigation, and that brings attention to other dope stuff our people are doing out there. Every product on Transguy Supply has been vetted for quality and when necessary comes with a comprehensive user guide. Also, for our webstore launch, Transguy Supply teamed up with menswear designer Auston Bjorkman, to showcase pieces of his Sir New York collection - because getting kitted doesn't have to mean just binders and packers. 

Best of all, this is just the start. Be on the lookout for Transguy Supply branded binders, tees, hats, packer-friendly swimwear, a binder recycle program and collabs with other trans designers and non-profits. 

Welcome! And I can't wait to bring you more. 


Scout Rose