Influencer Application

FTM Influencer


Are you interested in becoming a social media influencer for Transguy Supply? We're looking for trans-masculine folks with highly-engaged audiences who are interested in repping for a trans-owned company.



Here are our requirement for all collaborations:

Instagram: minimum of 5,000 followers on Instagram with a 2% engagement rate or higher.

YouTube: minimum of 1,000 followers with an average ratio of 14% views:subscribers.

TikTok: must have experience with brand collaborations, a minimum of 10,000 followers with an 8% or higher engagement rate.

((N. of Hearts + N. of Comments) / N. of Fans = Engagement Rate

If your chosen social media channel does not meet these requirements, we encourage you to focus on growing your audience and apply once you have met the minimums. That said, we will sometimes make exceptions for creators with highly unique and innovative content. We will also make exceptions for creators who are under-represented in their social media platform.

* All body sizes and races encouraged to apply.

* Note: bullying or harassment of any sort on your social media channel will disqualify you from consideration.