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The Surprising Ways Nail Polish Changed My Life

A trans-masculine person's awakening through the most unlikely of means.

13 FTM Essentials | Unlock Your Best Transition

Whether you’ve just come out as transgender or want to embrace your current transition, this list of FTM essentials c...

How To Feel More Masculine When You Aren't Out Yet

If you're trapped on the "wrong" side of the store, we hope these tips help you feel a little more like you.

FTM Facial Hair | FAQ & Debunking Myths

Whether you're just starting testosterone or dreaming of the day you can, FTM facial hair is a FAQ. We're going to co...

How To Wear A Packer

When you first learn how to wear a packer, it's easy to be overwhelmed with positioning, keeping your packer in place...

10 FTM Clothing Brands to Stock Your T-Shirt Collection

Check out our favorite trans and gnc-owned clothing companies and their awesome apparel.

Trans at The Barbershop

T. Wise shares his tips for navigating the complicated and intimidating world of men's barbershops.

FTMs and Hair Loss: I Tried Finasteride So You Don't Have To

On testosterone and worried about hair loss? Thinking about taking Finasteride? Read this first...

LONG HAIR DON'T CARE: On Being a Transguy With Long Hair

T. Wise meditates on gender, transition and being a transguy with long hair. #longhairdontcare
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