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Why are transguys always talking about packing and where are they going?

What's a packer you ask? A "packer" is the term for any object used to create a bulge in a person's pants.  Accordingly, "to pack" is the act of using a packer.

When FTMs typically talk about packers, they're generally referring to prosthetic packers - packers made to look like an actual body part. Prosthetic packers emulate the look and feel of a penis and come in a staggering variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Some prosthetic packers are incredibly realistic and rich in detail, with veins and sometimes even hair (yes, hair) while others retain the general shape of a penis, but have very little extra detail. Finally, some prosthetic packers are made for the sole purpose of packing, while others have multiple functions such as standing to pee (also called an STP) or using for sexual play (also called a Pack N Play). 

Because a lot of guys are looking for that degree of realism to help alleviate their dysphoria, prosthetic packers are very popular. However, for a variety of reasons (financial, personal preference, safety, access), many guys choose to make their own packers, using all sorts of common household objects (socks, gel-filled condoms, etc). These packers can be perfectly suitable for some guys, and if you are hesitant to shell out money on your first prosthetic packer, making your own can be a great way to try out packing and determine if it's right for you.

This is our first post in a series of coming blog posts about packing. Stay tuned for more! Are there topics you’d like to see covered? Drop us a line! 

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