What Size Packer Should I Get?

For those beginning their packing journey, this is one of the first questions generally asked. There are so many packers out there, covering a vast range in sizes. It can be hard to know where to start. If you are having trouble figuring out how big your packer should be, this article is for you.

To help you on your quest, we've created a concise, color-coded Bulge Rating System.

Why a bulge rating? We've spent several years providing packers to folks in the community. In this time, we've found that the measurements generally provided aren't the most useful. Most packers are marketed and sold based on shaft length alone. Of course, this is helpful information for a person to have. But we've found that ball size is often a better indicator of how big a packer will look in your pants.

Take, for example, the Small Mr. Limpy and the Performance Packer. If you're looking only at shaft length, the Performance Packer seems like it might be bigger. Yet, the balls on the Performance Packer are some of the smallest we've seen. As a result, the Performance Packer will actually produce a bulge that is smaller than the Small Mr. Limpy.

We developed our rating and recommendation system after polling hundreds of users. Please note that these guidelines are based on the data we collected from users and represent an average, not an absolute. At the end of the day, packing is a personal experience. If you're 100 lbs, 4'11", and feel most comfortable using a packer with a Bulge Rating of 4, know you're not alone. Whatever your preference, we hope this rating system will serve you well on your packing journey.

1. Small - Often preferred by people under 5 foot, under 100 lbs, or those who have not undergone puberty

2. Conservative - Creates a bulge great for shorter or slimmer folks

3. Moderate - the preferred size for most people we polled, a.k.a. average.

4. Well-Endowed - On the larger side, often preferred by folks above 6 feet or over 200 lbs. To be clear, the correlation between height, weight, and penis size is weak. There are lots of cis guys who are under 5 feet but have a larger than average penis size. That said, comfort is vital for anyone who packs. If you are a bigger person in weight or height, you may feel like you need a more prominent bulge.

5. Extra Large - Creates a bulge the size of a softball. Even for bigger guys, this is a bulge that will draw attention.

If you want to see how each packer Transguy Supply sells compares to another  take a look at the chart below. Packers are graphed from smallest to largest.

FTM Packer Comparison

For those that appreciate the science behind the ratings, the chart below is for you. For everyone else, feel free to ignore this part and use the Bulge Rating system as described above. The ounce ratings below show volume, NOT weight. This means it measures how much space the packer takes up, not how much the packer weighs. The weight of each packer is determined by the material a packer is made of and the density of that material. But the size of a bulge is determined by how much space an object takes up and is not equal to the weight of the object.


 Small : under 3.25 oz
Conservative : 3.25-4 oz
Moderate : 4.1-5 oz
Well-Endowed : 5.1-7 oz
Extra Large : above 7 oz


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