17 Best FTM Packers to Fix Your Dysphoria - 2022

Interested in packing, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you've been packing for a while and want to invest in something more realistic? If you want to learn about the best FTM packers out there, you’ve come to the right place.

Even just a decade ago, packing options were not plentiful. Today, however, there are so many options it can be really overwhelming. Lucky for you, I've done TONS of research, weeding out the bad and the ugly. Here, I've compiled 17 of the best dysphoria-busting packers and packing gear to help you in your packing journey. Use these links to skip ahead to the section that best suits your needs:

Best FTM Packers for Beginners

Best Advanced Packing Solutions

Best Packing Gear for Your FTM Packer


Best Packers for Beginners

Here are the 7 best packers for beginners. This section is designed for those who are just starting out and/or don't have a ton of money to spend.



1. Socks 

$0 (assuming you already own socks)

Best Packer to Determine if Packing is Right For You

As ridiculous as it may sound, using a sock to pack is the best place to start if you've never packed before. It’s important to note that not all trans masculine folks pack. You are not "required" and it doesn't make you any less trans if you decide it's not for you. Packing is just one way to ease the mental struggle of bottom dysphoria. For those new to the phrase, let me define it for you. Bottom dysphoria is the uncomfortable feeling that your genitals don't match your gender.

Some trans-masculine folks do not experience bottom dysphoria at all. And some find that packing causes them more dysphoria rather than alleviating it. Don't shell out your hard-earned cash only to discover that you hate packing. Instead, start with something simple to see if packing is right for you. Try grabbing one of your crew socks and use that for a week or so to see if you enjoy the look and feel. If that helps but you want something more realistic, go ahead and look into the options below.

Side note: If you want to do a little more reading about why some people choose to pack, check our article on the Top Reasons FTMs Choose to Pack.




2. Mr. Limpy 

$15.95-$18.95 depending on size

The Classic Starter Packer / Best Cheap Packer

Ask another trans-masculine person about their first packer, and chances are they will mention the Mr. Limpy. It's a classic. And right now, it's the best introductory soft packer on the market.

If you are on a budget or are purchasing your first packer, the Mr. Limpy is your go-to packer. A Mr. Limpy will run anywhere from $15.95 - $18.95 depending on the size you want. But even with this low price tag, the Mr. Limpy is a solid bet. It's both soft to the touch and fairly realistic. The combination of this low price and realistic look add up to make the Mr. Limpy the most popular packer of all time.

It should be noted that the Mr. Limpy is an elastomer packer and is made from a proprietary compound. This means the full list of the ingredients is not available to the public. We do know, however, that the Mr. Limpy is made with small amounts of mineral oil. Because of this, I strongly suggest using your Mr. Limpy with underwear specifically made for packing. At the very least, you'll want some kind of barrier between your skin and your Mr. Limpy. This is to prevent any allergic reaction that might result from prolonged skin contact. For a list of packing gear I recommend, skip down to #15 on this list.

Runner Up: Packer Gear's TPR Packers - $11.95-$14.95

With a similar texture and price tag to the Mr. Limpy, this packer is a good alternative when the Mr. Limpy is out of stock or unavailable in your area.




3. #1 Trans Packer - $36

Best Inexpensive Silicone Packer

Transguy Supply's signature silicone packer. For this price, you will not find another silicone packer even close to this quality.

If you have sensitive skin, or are just looking for something that will last you longer than a Mr. Limpy, you're going to want to buy a silicone packer. If you take good care of your silicone packer, it can literally last you a lifetime. Also, unless you are allergic to silicone, packers like the #1 Trans Packer are way better for prolonged skin contact. Silicone is also very easy to sterilize. It can be washed with soap and hot water, boiled, or even thrown in the dishwasher.

Unlike other inexpensive silicone packers, Transguy Supply's #1 Trans Packer is made from ultra-soft silicone. Because of this, it is incredibly comfortable to pack with and will pass any "squeeze test." It also has really nice details on the both the shaft and balls and comes in a wider range of skin tones than other inexpensive models.


Runner Up: Packer Gear's Silicone Packing Penis - $24-$25 (depending on size)

Transition can be expensive, even without any medical costs. If you're having an allergic reaction to your Mr. Limpy and just need the cheapest silicone option out there, this is the packer for you.

The details aren't anywhere near as nice as the #1 Trans Packer and the texture can be uncomfortably firm, but you will not find a less expensive silicone packer anywhere.




4. #1 Trans Packer Uncut - $36

Best Uncut Packer

While lots of folks would prefer an "uncut" or intact packer, there are surprisingly few inexpensive options on the market. Transguy Supply's #1 Trans Packer Uncut is easily the most attractive and comfortable model out there.

This intact packer has all the same pros of the circumcised edition: soft and silky, comfortable to pack with, easy to clean, 100% body-safe, and great to look at.

Runner Up: Pierre - $54

At $54, New York Toy Collective's Pierre is pushing the boundaries of a "starter" packer. In my (biased) opinion, it's also not as pretty as the #1 Trans Packer Uncut. However, the Pierre has been around for a long time now and has rightly earned its title as a "classic." What's more, as the #1 selling intact packer in the US, it absolutely deserves your consideration.




5. The Stash-It-Willy - $15

Best Anatomical Packer for Those Allergic to Silicone

Stash It Willy Packer

I mentioned above that some people might have allergic reactions as a result of prolonged skin contact with their Mr. Limpy. However, some folks are also allergic to silicone. That makes finding a packer that won't cause a break-out a very difficult task.

Enter the Stash-It-Willy - This 100% cloth packer is incredibly comfortable and can pin to any underwear in your collection. Even better, this company makes swimming-friendly models and is also willing to custom make a cloth packer just for you.




6. Foam Packer - $5

The Best Packer for Non-Binary Folks

The foam packer is the perfect packing solution for anyone who wants a comfy bulge without the look of an actual penis.

It should be noted that you don't actually have to be non-binary to love this packer. And also... some non-binary folks absolutely love an anatomical packer. Wanting or not wanting something that looks like a penis in your pants does not determine your identity.

The Foam Packer works great with any underwear that has a dedicated pouch or ball-separation such as Rodeohs or Cake Bandit. I've also had success using this packer with New York Toy Collective's Magnetic FTM Packer Pouch. The dedicated pouch keeps the foam insert in place. This insert might also fit in between fabric layers in underwear with a fly hole, but results will vary depending on the style and cut of the underwear.

Interestingly, I've also heard from several trans masculine folks who love and use this packer, even after having bottom surgery. Specifically, those who have had metoidioplasty (or meta). It can feel weird to pack with a prosthetic after having lower surgery. However, for folks who have had meta, the lack of a bulge in the locker room may still make you feel uncomfortable. This foam packer is a great way to create that bulge without having something rubbing up against your junk.




7. DIY Packer - $0-$7 (depending on materials)

Best Packer for Those Who Can't Afford a Packer

Ok. So you've tried socks and you know packing is right for you. You're ready to own something a little more realistic, but can't afford any of the above starter models. Never fear, you can make your own packer using materials that most people have laying around the house.

The design of this DIY packer came courtesy of American YouTuber Ash Hardell. Check out the detailed "How To"here:  https://transguysupply.com/blogs/news/how-to-make-a-packer



Best Advanced FTM Packing Solutions



8. Mr. Right - $60

The Best Mid-Range Packer

The Mr. Right was the first silicone packer I ever purchased and like my first love, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I started, like most people do, with the Mr. Limpy and when I was ready to upgrade, sprung for a Mr. Right.

Compared to the Mr. Limpy, this packer is heavier and more firm. This means that it holds the shape in the above photo, with the shaft hanging straight down.  Each Mr. Right packer is handmade from 100% silicone and comes with excellent detail in the scrotum. Because the Mr. Right is meant to be very realistic, the balls are two different sizes with wrinkles and veins. While $60 may feel like a lot to spend on a packer, when considered next to most other silicone packers, the Mr. Right is still in the more affordable range.




9. The Lou STP - $45

Easiest Packer to Use at the Urinal

So far, I've only been talking about soft packers. But the truth is, there are many other types of packers out there. Below, I'll explain briefly what some of them are. But for the deep-diver, you can read Transguy Supply's article on all the different types of packers before moving on.

The Lou is a type of packer called an STP (short for Stand-to-Pee device). As the name suggests, this packer is used both to create a bulge in your pants AND to help you pee standing up. While this is not a goal for everyone, a lot of trans-masc folx experience bottom dysphoria when they have to sit to pee in the men's room.

Personally, when I pee standing up, I still tend to prefer the privacy of a stall, but Transguy Supply designed the Lou STP specifically for use at a urinal. The shaft is designed to point straight out instead of down, and the the wider bowl, spill-prevention lip, and bigger urethral opening mean you're  unlikely to have an embarrassing incident.




10. STP Freely XL + STP Freely Insertion Rod - $62.99

Best Affordable 3-in-1

You might be thinking that $62.99 is not exactly "affordable" but consider that most 3-in-1's start around $130 and can go up to well over $1k, $62.99 is a steal. What's more, Transguy Supply offers payment plans on any purchase over $35, so you can pay in 4 installments over 6 weeks.

The STP Freely XL is Transguy Supply's large format stand-to-pee device. 




11. GenderCat's GenderMender - Starts at $189

Prosthetics Company with the Most Skin Tones

Gender Cat Gender Mender Packer

If you are (rightfully) annoyed by the lack of color variance you get with other prosthetics companies, you will be pleased to see the expanded skin tone range of GenderCat's Prosthetics.

I've never owned one of these beauties, but I've read rave reviews about GenderCat's GenderMender packers. These packers eliminate the need for straps or harnesses by introducing self-adhesive sheets that affix your packer directly to your body. They are also incredibly customizable. You can choose your own length and level of firmness and even add unbelievably realistic, and moveable balls to your packer. 

While all of this is excellent, what really sets this packer apart is the range of skin tones offered. You can request a sheet with their skin tones and select a color in person. This is obviously way more accurate than choosing a color off of a screen.

In addition to being high-quality, Gender Cat has what many other higher-end prosthetic companies lack: payment plans. You can even choose the amount you pay in your monthly installments, making this packer's high price tag within reach.




12. ReelMagik Pack N Play - $379-$1378 (depending on size & features)

Best 2-in-1 (a.k.a "Pack and Play" or "Pack N Play") if Money is No Object

ReelMagik Pack N Play

Ok - a pack and play is a packer that is soft enough to pack with, but firm enough to use for penetration during sex. Technically, the Mr. Right is probably firm enough to be used this way too, but the ReelMagik Pack N Play is designed for this dual function.

Every Reelmagik Pack N Play is made with 100% Platinum Silicone and comes with soft, moveable shaft skin, floating testicles and a 6 month warranty. But this is only the beginning. You can have your packer hand painted with exquisite detail, filled to your preferred level of firmness and adorned with hand-punched hair (yes, hair).

With a steep price tag, this is probably not going to be an option for a lot of folks. Oh, and did I mention that there's sometimes wait times of half a year or more? Regardless, if you're looking for your dream dick, ReelMagik is a company that you'll definitely want to check out.




13. New York Toy Collective's Archer Small - $45

Best Packer for Trans Youth

I'm sure I'm going to get flack from trolls for this one, but trans youth deserve to feel comfortable in their bodies too. While most packers are decidedly adult-sized, this packer is perfect for pre-teens.

New York Toy Collective's Archer Small is meant for trans youth under the age of 13. It's a soft packer and meant only to be used to alleviate bottom dysphoria, not for sexual purposes.





Best Packing Gear for Your FTM Packer


14. Cake Bandit Monochrome Harness - $18.50

Best Overall Packing Harness

Don't own a full drawer or packing underwear? No problem. This discreet harness works with every single silicone packer in this list and doesn't require any special underwear.Coming in at $18.50, the Cake Bandit Harness is reasonably affordable.

As I mentioned before, however, I don't recommend wearing your Mr. Limpy in direct contact with your skin. For those who have a Mr. Limpy or are planning to buy one, check out the next accessory on our list. It's the perfect pair to your elastomer packer.




15. Get Your Joey Sport - $15

Best Packing Pouch

I've long been a fan of this queer-owned and operated company. They sew all their pouches in-house and employ local queer and trans folx. What's more, Get Your Joey has continued to develop and improve their products based on feedback from their customers.

The company makes several different types and styles, and all are good depending on what your packing needs are. Do you prefer packing up? Check out their many models that come with a hole for you pull the shaft of your packer through. Do you need something with room for larger balls? Try the Ballsy.

My personal favorite is their Sport model. Made from an anti-microbial and wicking material, these packing pouches are a life-saver for an active and sweaty person like myself. All Get Your Joey packing pouches are designed to be used with any underwear. Just pin your pouch inside of your favorite boxers or briefs and you're good to go.




16. Cake Bandit Boxer Briefs - $23

Most Comfortable Packing Underwear

If I could live in these boxers, I probably would. Each pair of Cake Bandit underwear comes equipped with a special sewn-in pouch that holds your packer tight to your body. That means you'll never have to worry about your packer falling out when you're sporting these bad boys.

They also come in sizes up to 3XL, which means they work great for bigger folks too. Pick up a pair and thank us later.




17. Jockmail Packing Jockstrap - $15.95

The Best Packing Underwear To Wear At The Gym

Jockmail Packing Underwear is easily some of the most attractive packing underwear on the market. It comes in 3 basic styles: jockstraps, briefs and boxer briefs. Each style also comes in a variety of colors and all styles are absolutely amazing at keeping your packer in place.

Each pair of the packing underwear has a dedicated pouch that will keep your packer stock still even when you are during the most rigorous activities. I love wearing my Jockmail packing underwear to yoga class and to the gym. I can even do handstands with complete confidence that my packer is not going to fall out in the middle of my practice.

Note that not all Jockmail underwear comes with a special packing pouch. Jockmail also makes regular, non-packing underwear so be careful what you buy. That said, you can rest assured that every pair of Jockmail underwear on this site is made for packing and will accommodate most packers.

Overall, packing is unique to each individual. Some people can’t even sleep without their packers. For other trans and non binary folks, packing makes their dysphoria unbearable. At the end of the day, it will come down to trial and error. If you try the sock packer first, it’ll save you some cash. Work your way up the pricing ladder while you try and find what works best for you.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know what experiences you’ve had with these packers and packing gear and help your trans fam out!

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