Packer Gear Silicone - 4"

by Packer Gear


Hands down the least expensive 100% silicone packer.

Firmer than many other silicone models, this product still has great detailing and is an excellent starter packer choice for the trans person on a budget.

Please do note that this product is prone to tears with rough handling. To extend the life of your packers, be gentle with it, and do not pack with an o-ring harness. Occasionally contains small imperfections or air bubbles. These occasional imperfections are not a valid reason for return. If you are looking for something more carefully made, take a look at our other Silicone Packer options

Bulge Size: 3


Underside Shaft Length: 4” 
Full Product Length: 5.4"


To clean, wash with hot soapy water, boil, or place it on the top rack of the dishwasher. For more info check out our packer cleaning and care guide.


Customer Reviews

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Denise Madland
love this packer

When I took it out of the box, I wasn't sure I'd like how it looked, but it's become my new favorite, it looks especially good in Cake Bandit briefs and JockMail jockstrap and briefs. Everyone is different, but for me, it is super comfortable against my body too.

Ezra Wolf

Packer Gear Silicone - 4"

Lauren McCullough

Packer Gear Silicone - 4"

Megan Pattrn

Packer Gear Silicone - 4"

Packer gear silicone - small review

It works as a packer. I like the size I got. It’s relatively easy to clean. I don’t wear it directly against my skin and instead put on a pair of briefs, then the packer with a harness, and then another pair of briefs to keep it in place. This does get a little warm at times, but I prefer it to having the packer right against my body.


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