Packer Gear Silicone - 4"

by Packer Gear


Amazing life-like design. Silky and plush, this packer is the ultimate in comfort. Easy to use and easy to clean. 

Product Dimensions:

Small = 4" / 10.25cm

Customer Reviews

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Lauren McCullough

Packer Gear Silicone - 4"

Megan Pattrn

Packer Gear Silicone - 4"

Packer gear silicone - small review

It works as a packer. I like the size I got. It’s relatively easy to clean. I don’t wear it directly against my skin and instead put on a pair of briefs, then the packer with a harness, and then another pair of briefs to keep it in place. This does get a little warm at times, but I prefer it to having the packer right against my body.

Danielle Fink

This packer was absolutely perfect for my husband. I bought this as well as 4 pairs of underwear from the brand Cake Bandit as well. It was a Christmas present and he absolutely loved it. He wears it every day and says it is so comfortable as if it was part of him. It stays secure in the pockets of the Cake Bandit brand underwear, since they are packer friendly, and it stays put and doesn't move throughout the day, let alone fall out or any embarrassing things like that. He tends to wear a variety from baggy jeans to skinny jeans and it is definitely noticeable but for someone who doesn’t want it to be really noticeable it may not be the best option. It does not get dirty too awful but when it does, just a little soap and warm water then pat with cornstarch like they say works wonders. He keeps it stored in a small baggie to keep it away from any environmental gross as well when not in use.

Zachary Cretegny

Packer Gear Silicone - Small


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