Packer Gear Silicone - Small

by Packer Gear


Amazing life-like design. Silky and plush, this packer is the ultimate in comfort. Easy to use and easy to clean. 

Product Dimensions:

Small = 4" / 10.25cm

Customer Reviews

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Pros and cons...

This is my backup packer so I don't use it that often but it does the job as far as actual packing goes, looking natural with the help of a harness, and it's super comfortable! However, the material of the packer is a concern. It absorbed some of the blue dye from the packaging it arrived in leaving a strange grey tint on one side that won't go away no matter how much I wash it. It also started tearing at the base after only 2 weeks of infrequent usage. Most concerningly, I stored it overnight with my STP (made of silicone) and I woke up to the side of this packer being wet and gooey, making a mess of my other one as well. This one looked flat and had lost its texture before eventually reshaping itself after a few hours of air-drying. The same thing happened again when I stored it with a sex toy (also made of silicone) overnight. I'm sure this is just some chemical reaction but it's still concerning considering it sits right against my genitals and I've seen it make things melt. This product does the job for its low price but make sure you keep it away from silicone and be careful with tucking upward.


This packer was absolutely perfect for my husband. I bought this as well as 4 pairs of underwear from the brand Cake Bandit as well. It was a Christmas present and he absolutely loved it. He wears it every day and says it is so comfortable as if it was part of him. It stays secure in the pockets of the Cake Bandit brand underwear, since they are packer friendly, and it stays put and doesn't move throughout the day, let alone fall out or any embarrassing things like that. He tends to wear a variety from baggy jeans to skinny jeans and it is definitely noticeable but for someone who doesn’t want it to be really noticeable it may not be the best option. It does not get dirty too awful but when it does, just a little soap and warm water then pat with cornstarch like they say works wonders. He keeps it stored in a small baggie to keep it away from any environmental gross as well when not in use.

Would not recommend for a first one

This is my first packer. I chose this one because it is described as small and very comfortable.
I find it to be a bit too bulky and it feels too hard. I guess the pronouns veins should have given it away. I expected it to be ultra soft and squishy but it really isn’t.
My jeans are just regular, not baggy, and when wearing the packer it is quite visible. It looks like I walk around with an erection, which can be uncomfortable for someone who’s still getting used to the whole thing.

Fortunately the price is affordable so it’s not a devastating first experience.
However, I wouldn’t recommend this packer to someone who wants to start with a more discreet option.


Packer Gear Silicone - Small


Packer Gear Silicone - Small


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