#1 Trans Packer - Cut 4"

by TG Supply


An FTM packer that looks and feels better than other packers at twice the cost.

At Transguy Supply, we believe that trans people deserve nice things. And you shouldn't have to empty your bank account to get the things you need to feel great in your body. The #1 Trans Packer is made of 100% premium, ultra-soft silicone that is smooth as silk and never needs powdering, even after washing.

  • 100% body-safe silicone
  • Lifelike feel with great detailing
  • Naturally packs down, so you never look like you have a stiffy
  • Never needs powdering


  • Bulge Size: 4
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces
  • Full Product Length: 5"
  • Full Shaft Length: 4"
  • Underside Shaft Length: 3”
  • Widest Width: 3" at the base of the shaft


Wash with soap and hot water, or boil to sanitize fully. For more info, check out our packer cleaning and care guide.

Please note that this product is very soft and prone to nicks and tears with rough handling. Keep away from sharp objects, including zippers, and do not attempt to pack "up." Please also take care when fitting your packer into a packing pouch or harness. Do not, for any reason, pull the shaft away from the balls unless you would like for the two pieces to rip apart. We cannot issue replacements for products that have been handled in this way.

Pair this packer with any of the Cake Bandit harnesses or underwear styles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

The perfect, euphoric bulge for the price. I had to replace my 1st one as my dog got ahold of it. Of all the packers, besides my stp, this is my go to as a 5' 3" 180 lb guy.

Strahinja Acimovic
Absolute love

So easy and comfortable. I absolutely love it

Chev Gauss
First Packer

I was really nervous about picking out my first packer. However, TGS had so many options I was overwhelmed, but after reading about each kind and what would be best for me, I decided on this one! When it first got here, I was worried it was going to be too big, but once I figured out where to position it, it's not too big.

LJ Brazier

Some guys have mentioned it being too big and firm; I think that might depend on how you wear it and how high you pack it on your pelvis. I'm a smaller guy (5'4" 105). I pack this comfortably lower on my pelvis with the balls just between my thighs. I run and work out with it; it doesn't stand out any more than anyone else's. Given how thick and firm the balls are, I could imagine this being too bulky for some guys whose things rub really close together or folks who prefer to pack higher. It works for me like I said, though. For reference: my other packer is the Realistic STP which is a little bigger than this. I also use the STP Freely.

camille dickens

#1 Trans Packer - 4" Cut


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