How To Make a Packer | DIY FTM Packer

Make a Packer

By Aaron Capener


On a tight budget? Not yet out of the closet? Unable to order a packer online because of delivery issues? Not a problem. I’ll show you how to make a packer with a few inexpensive supplies that you may already have at home!


What You’ll Need To Make A Packer:

  • At least 3 Knee-High Nylon Stockings (Pantyhose or stockings) (More Workable Than Socks) or Socks ($: Free-$6)
  • Two Strips of Athletic Tape ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors (You can find some scissors right?…No?… A knife could work…)

1. Fill One Knee-High Stocking With Another

Insert one of the stockings into the second stocking so that you have one inside of the other. Feel free to add an additional pair of stockings inside if you want to add more girth or to make a packer that is more firm.

2. Mold To Phallus Shape

Adjust the shape of the inside stocking so that you create the shape you are looking for. The goal is to create a more phallus shape that is smooth with minimal lumps and wrinkles.

make a packer

3. Shape Your Phallus

Leaving about half an inch at the top for the “head,” wrap the tape around the “shaft” to create the amount of girth you want. If you want a short and firm packer, pack the inside stockings deeper towards the closed end, then wrap to hold the shape.

make a packer

4. Form 2 Spheres With Second Pair of Stockings

Individually roll down the stockings from the knee (top) all the way down to the closed end. If you prefer the scrotum to be smaller, you can cut the stocking in half to have less material. You are creating the testicles so you want them to be firm and the size you’re looking for.

make a packer

5. Insert “Balls”

Insert both spheres and position them against where you want your phallus to end. Be sure to leave a small amount of space to allow the packer room to bend (pack) easier.

make a packer

6. Cut Off Excess

Use scissors to cut off the remaining stocking leaving about 2 or 3 inches to shape your scrotum. You don't want your packer to have a tail!

make a packer

7. Shape Your Balls

Twist remaining material tight and pull upwards towards shaft to create a distinction between faux testicles. This will make it seem less like a lump and more like a distinctive pair of balls.

make a packer

8. Close Outside Tight & Seal

Once you’ve created the distinction between “testicles,” lay the excess stocking against the shaft and use a strip of athletic tape to adhere the excess stocking against the base of the shaft. Make sure to keep the tension on the balls you just created so you can hold the shape by pinning down that excess material.

make a packer

When you're struggling with dysphoria, a little help goes a long way. Packers are a great way to combat bottom dysphoria, and since some packers are seriously expensive this DIY packer can be a great budget-friendly option.

If all this sounds like way too much effort, there's always the Mr. Limpy. At 12.95, it's hard to find a cheaper option and for the price, you really can't beat it.

Hope this article helped you learn how to make a packer and assisted you in your battle against dysphoria! 

Have you ever made a packer?

Let us know in the comments below how you made yours and how well it held up!

If making your own packer isn't your cup of tea, check out our article on the top ftm packers to fix your dysphoria.

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