Mr Limpy - Small

by Fleshlight


Don't let the term "Small" confuse you. This is a fantastic classic packer and actually produces quite a decent size bulge. In fact, this packer is slightly larger than the average cis guy's softie, so rest assured that you won't be thought of as the small one in the locker room. 

All Mr Limpy products are made from real-to-the-touch SuperSkin material and are realistic enough to pass any squeeze test. The low price and realistic feeling make it an all-time packing favorite.

As shown in the product photos, this size Mr. Limpy packs perfectly inside any of our Cake Bandit or Jockmail Packing Underwear as well as the Multi-color Packer Harness.

The colors of the Mr. Limpy packers may vary a bit from the product photos. They can also at times come with small imperfections such as air bubbles or small dings. Lastly, because packers made with SuperSkin are porous, they may at times become discolored. Wearing packer-friendly underwear may reduce the risk of your packer becoming discolored. 

Check out our packer cleaning and care guide.

*Please note this product is soft and not intended for play or penetration. 

**This product was previously known as "Extra Small" in the Limpy collection. 


Customer Reviews

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Susan Jackson
Parcel has not arrived yet.

Will give feedback once it has arrived.

Awesome transformation

Best thing ever!! I do have medium & large also, so depending on how I’m feeling at the time, will dictate which to pack 😉 :)

Leonardo Aurelio Jaramillo

It was good quality just hoped it would come sooner considering what i paid in shipping

Alex Gudenau

Great job

Kyler Ren
Convenient, soft, easy

Please don't let the "small" label change your mind on this! The shaft isn't large but between the balls and the shaft, it makes quite a nice bulge.
A couple cons are that the material can cause skin irritation if you wear it for too long, and it's quite light which makes it harder for me to feel like it's correctly in place sometimes.
A couple pros are that the bulge it makes is quite impressive, it's soft and lifelike (I've got myself squeezing and squishing it idly a few too many times), and it's small enough that I can slip it into my jockstrap sleeve so it doesn't touch my skin directly. I can pack comfortably without having to worry about my heavier packer on hotter days or days where I'm being very active.

All in all, love this little guy!


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