3 Best FTM STP Devices Under $50

Let's face it, most good STPs are really expensive. One can easily pay several hundred dollars for a quality stand to pee prosthetic. If you've got money to burn, we'd never fault you for buying something that brings you serious relief. Unfortunately, however, the high price tag makes expensive STPs out of reach for a lot of struggling trans folx.

If you've been following my STP journey, you know that I went through a long, hard process learning how to stand to pee. I spent a lot of time (and money) trying to figure things out. But, when I finally was able to use an STP, it was like a revelation to me.

I truly believe that everyone who wants to learn, can. I also believe that you don't have to spend a ton of money like I did on fancy prosthetics.

There are some fantastic STPs out there that won't break the bank and I am here to tell you all about them. So, without further do, here are the best STPs for those on a budget.

1. The pStyle - $12

The pStyle is hands down the best STP to learn on. The slim design and hard plastic make it compatible with every type of body. Thick thighs? No problem. Fast pee-er? No sweat. If you've had trouble using other STP devices, give the pStyle a try. It may not look like a dick, but it's super easy to get the hang of.

This STP is the cheapest of the lot. It's also incredibly easy to use. I still recommend practicing in the shower your first couple of times. (Cleaning up pee off of the bathroom floor is not fun.) However, for most folks, the learning curve is quick with the pStyle.

This STP is also very discreet. Of course, it won't help anyone who needs to see a penis when looking down over the toilet. But because it's just a piece of hard plastic, most people will have no idea what it's used for. If you happen to leave your pStyle somewhere others can see it, no one is going to give it much thought.

As you can't pack with this STP, you will need to figure out how you are going to carry it around. Coming in at 7.5 inches, it's also a bit long. Fitting it inside a pocket might not be possible depending on what you're wearing. Cargo shorts and fanny packs should be able to accommodate. For a stylish fanny pack option, check out this one from Stealth Bros. & Co


- Anyone who doesn't need a prosthetic STP, but still wants to stand to pee. This includes bigger folks and people with thick or muscular thighs.

- Anyone who can't get the hang of other STPs. In the beginning, I had a ton of trouble with other devices. I just couldn't figure out where to position my STP and spilled every single time. I also had a persistent backflow issue. After successfully using the pStyle for a couple of weeks, it all clicked into place. When I went back to my prosthetic STPs, I found I had a lot less difficulty using them.

2. Packer Gear STP - $15

The Packer Gear STP is the cheapest, somewhat realistic-looking STP device on the market. It's far from perfect - and it won't pass for a dick during a close inspection. Fortunately, it’s against social norms for guys to closely inspect their neighbor’s junk at the urinal. If you're using the men's room, you’re probably fine using this one in public.


As we mentioned before, the Packer Gear STP is an excellent packer for beginners. The wide bowl and large pee hole make it super easy to use. Plus for a mere 15 bucks, you're getting a body safe, 100% silicone STP. You won’t see silicone STPs this cheap anywhere else.


The downside to this cheap STP is that it feels just that... cheap. Don't get me wrong, this product is actually quite durable. But the walls are thin so if you have thick or muscular thighs, you might have issues with it collapsing during use. I haven't heard any reports of this yet, but... buyer beware.

Even though the walls are thin on this device, it's definitely too stiff to pack with. Like the pStyle, you'll have to find some other way to carry it around.

- This is best for guys who want their STP to be somewhat realistic, but also need the cheapest option possible. I’ll say it again - you won't find another prosthetic at this price.


- Like the pStyle, it's also great for learners. If you want to try using an STP before spending more money on something fancier, this is a fantastic option.



3. STP Freely - $45


There's no use beating around the bush - you can't get another STP of this quality for this kind of price. And yes, I may be biased, as we designed this STP ourselves, but the truth of the matter is, the STP Freely feels like a device that costs twice as much. Apart from the Emisil Compact STP, it’s also the most realistic stand to pee device in my collection. 

Unlike many other silicone STPs, the STP Freely has a soft finish and is never sticky, even after washing. This means you won't have to lug around corn starch powder to prevent chaffing. The bowl is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your pants and there is nice detailing on the head and shaft. 


Urinal passable. Packs well - soft and comfortable.


The only potential con for the STP Freely is that hard and fast peers may need to regulate their stream. If this is you, you'll want to opt for an STP with a larger urethra opening, like the STP Freely XL. This stand-to-pee device is designed to eliminate quickly, so you can use the urinal with confidence. 


- If you have more than $15 to shell out on an STP, this is a superb device for the price. 

- Perfect for folks who really need a realistic looking option. 

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