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Product image 1Mr Limpy Large Caramel
Product image 2Mr Limpy Large Fleshtone

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Looking to pack huge? The Large Mr. Limpy is your guy. This heavy duty packer is almost 8" long - more than twice the average length of cis guys' softies - making it a total show stopper. Not for guys who want to blend in in the locker room, but an excellent choice for guys considering phallo. 

Mr. Limpy is made from real-to-the-touch SuperSkin material and is as realistic as it gets. The low price and realistic feeling make it an all-time packing favorite.

The colors of the Mr. Limpy packers may vary a bit from the product photos. They can also at times come with small imperfections such as air bubbles or small dings. Lastly, because packers made with SuperSkin are porous, they may at times become discolored. Wearing packer-friendly underwear may reduce the risk of your packer becoming discolored. 

Check out our packer cleaning and care guide.

*Please note this packer is soft and not intended for penetration. 

**The large Mr. Limpy is not compatible with the Jockmail packing underwear of any size. Please select a smaller size Mr. Limpy if you are hoping to use your packer with the Jockmail products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good Packer

This packer is huge lol. My first big packer and it was overall good. The balls are a little too big, and it's hard to hide the cock itself. I would describe this as a squishy based packer. It's strechy and very squishy which is good because it doesn't move around when you walk but it folds when you sit down.

As expected

This is my second large Mr. Limpy. Positive, the material is quite squishy, feels natural. In time that material hardens a bit, which is the reason I got a new one. It's a big boy. It's longer than in the description, it's 7.5". Negatives: I still don't like that the balls with most packs are flat in the back. Colors: Vanilla is too light, caramel is too dark. I rate it a 4 overall because it's a good model for the price.

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