Staring at Other Guys’ Dicks and Puberty as a Grown Man

Mark Van Streefkerk muses about a lost boyhood, his second puberty, and the mutual support transguys can offer one an...

Boys Do Cry: An Interview With Thomas Page McBee

Thomas Page McBee talks about toxic masculinity, boyhood, and holding on to intuition.

5 Essential FTM Bathroom Tips

If you are just coming out and wondering what it's like to use the men's room, here is what to expect.

13 Best FTM Packers to Fix Your Dysphoria

Read about the top packers we recommend for guys at every stage in your packing journey.

Panda at The Barbershop

T. Wise shares his tips for navigating the complicated and intimidating world of men's barbershops.

3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Packer

Once you’ve decided what kind of packer you want, here are 3 things you should know before making the final plunge.

FTMs and Hair Loss: I Tried Finasteride So You Don't Have To

On testosterone and worried about hair loss? Thinking about taking Finasteride? Read this first...

I Wore A Mr. Limpy For 7 Days Straight And This Is What I Learned

T. Wise is challenged to wear a soft packer for a week straight.

What Are The Different Types Of Packers?

Discover the differences between soft packers, STPs, and Pack N Play packers.


One Transman's perspective on his burgeoning facial hair.


There are a lot of great Instagram accounts out there that inspire us in all kinds of ways. Check out these 4 that ar...

LONG HAIR DON'T CARE: On Being a Transguy With Long Hair

T. Wise meditates on gender, transition and being a transguy with long hair. #longhairdontcare
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