The Adventures of Mr. Limpy, Vol. 1

The first installment of The Adventures of Mr. Limpy

Am I Gay?

A transguy contemplates his identity and the shifting meaning of words.

10 FTM Clothing Brands to Stock Your T-Shirt Collection

Check out our favorite trans and gnc-owned clothing companies and their awesome apparel.

Unpacking Money and My Masculinity

Guest blogger Mark Van Streefkerk wrestles with notions of wealth and masculinity.

Packing With Friends: My Friend-Created Sock Peen

Lex Horwitz tried packing with a little help from their friends.

Masc Undone: An Interview With Tiq Milan

Masc Undone is a podcast dedicated to examining all things about masculinity. Here's our interview with Masc Undone c...

Packing Truth

"If you identify with maleness then it’s already yours. You don’t have to go proving it to anyone, especially yoursel...

Switching Teams

Lex Horwitz shares their experience switching from the Women's Squash team to the Men's Squash team.

Trans Gym Bunny, Part 1: The Struggle to Get Here

Just making it to the gym can be a challenge. Read about T. Wise's journey to make that space his own.

Staring at Other Guys’ Dicks and Puberty as a Grown Man

Mark Van Streefkerk muses about a lost boyhood, his second puberty, and the mutual support transguys can offer one an...

Boys Do Cry: An Interview With Thomas Page McBee

Thomas Page McBee talks about toxic masculinity, boyhood, and holding on to intuition.

5 Essential FTM Bathroom Tips

If you are just coming out and wondering what it's like to use the men's room, here is what to expect.
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