In today's landscape of social media, we are all swimming in a vast sea of information and voices (and infinite selfies). Sometimes we tap in just to kill a little time or connect with friends, but sometimes we are also searching for answers to our questions, validation for our experiences, examples of what we're trying to do or be. And every now and then, we find something that resonates deeply - a project, an attitude, a point of view - that makes us feel a special "hell yeah" rush. We (electronically) meet someone who is putting down what we want to pick up. Such a good feeling right? Validating, inspiring, warm and fuzzy - these four accounts are giving us all of that. We are multifaceted, with different yet intertwining desires and struggles, and these folks are touching us in all the right spots. Enjoy! 


1. @plussizetransguy - INSPIRING US TO UP OUR FASHION GAME


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just a tad hot & sweaty ☀️

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For some of us, seeing the person we want to see in the mirror can be a real struggle. And as an industry that inundates us with images of chiseled, "perfect" looking people, fashion may seem like an unlikely wellspring of self-confidence. However, studies have actually shown that developing a personal style can be a life-affirming expression of your character, spirit, and identity. Playing with your look can also be a healthy form of self-exploration. Interested but need a little inspiration? @plussizetransguy can put together a look like nobody's business.  An advocate of thrift shops, @plussizetransguy also shows that you don't have to have a huge budget to look fly. He also happens to be a total hottie with a blue steel smolder. 

Who inspires Plus Size Trans Guy: @cisgusted (extra points for having the best Instagram handle of all time) and @k_hotstuff





“To be nobody but yourself in a world doing its best to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human can ever fight and never stop fighting.” – E. E. Cummings

It's no secret that transpeople's bodies are often put - non-consensually - under the public microscope. When not scrutinizing the ways in which our bodies may be different from cis bodies, people looking to discredit the authenticity of transfolks are targeting our gender expressions looking for "proof" that we are not who or what we say we are. The result is that even the bravest among us have to struggle against the rigid societal norms of masculinity in order to find our way to our truest selves. 

Eli's Instagram feed is our favorite cure for the crushing weight of toxic masculinity. Fierce, fabulous, unapologetic - @king_femme is out there living his truth, and in his words "fighting dysphoria one gay body-roll at a time." Get it. 

 Who inspires Eli: @th3gayagenda and @foolsnghouls


3.  @gorilla_shrimp - INSPIRING US TO GET OUTSIDE



In today’s world of technological instant gratification, it’s easy to spend all our free moments thumbing away at our smartphones, checking Facebook, scrolling through Reddit... And while, for many of us, the Internet is the only way we get to connect with people like us, there’s nothing like spending a little time in nature to reset. 

In addition to being on a several-year-long road trip, @gorilla_shrimp, also known as Malcolm Ribot, works with an organization called The Venture Out Project that leads backpacking and wilderness trips for the queer and transgender communities. Check out his feed to see pics of his most recent excursions and hit The Venture Out Project website to find out if they're planning a trip near you! 

Who inspires Malcom: @theventureoutproject


4. @deelovesdeadlifts - INSPIRING US TO GET OUR BUTTS TO THE GYM



It's Thursday and you've just spent 8 hours in a cramped office and 45 minutes on a crowded subway navigating rush hour traffic. You barely have the energy to put your sweats on and flip the remote, let alone slog through a 45-minute workout. @deelovesdeadlifts is like a shot of Monster Rush XPlode pre-workout, only way better for your heart. Day in, day out, this guy is doing his thing, showing up at the gym and sweating away towards his fitness goals. Not only is his feed great motivation for getting your booty to the gym, but his personal transformation is truly impressive.

Who inspires Dee:  @alionsfear and @advokayden


Are there any accounts out there that inspire you? Post in the comments below!


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