Pierre Uncut

by New York Toy Collective


Pierre is the best selling intact packer in the United States. This silicone packer features over 100 unique skinfolds throughout the shaft and subtly asymmetrical testicles. There is an ideal Pierre packer for everyone on the gender masculine spectrum.

  • Total Length 5.25"
  • Penis length 4.75"
  • Width at maximum point 2"

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*Please note this packer is soft and not intended for penetration. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lainey G.
Pierre Uncut, in 5.25" Caramel

165cm in height. Bought as a spare packer. Responded to my emails. Received on 8 October.

Andy Pirrotta

Pierre Uncut

Adriaan Dippenaar
The only reasonably sized packer

Smaller folks, wanna look like you have a boner at all times? No? Then definitely try out the 4" Pierre. I got my first one a year ago (it was, distressingly, half-eaten by a mouse, who I'm sure has a terrible tummyache) and my new one seems even better somehow? It doesn't pick up hair as much. I will say that while the bulge looks great, the shaft is somewhat long and thin for my taste. But as someone 5"7 and 155lbs, average build, I've finally found a comfortable packer that looks natural, feels nice, and is affordable to replace. This is my go-to.

B Pat
Pierre uncut and packing harness

So relieving to have it finally here. This packer feels just right and I can't stop smiling!!

Noah Elliot
Pierre uncut

I think this packer is great. I’ve used socks for 10 years and I can honestly say that this packer is so much easier to pack with. It’s soft and therefore you don’t feel any friction and even in jeans that are tighter it’s still comfortable to wear. Detail was better than I expected! You can see and feel some veins which was unexpected as I didn’t see that in the website so that is definitely a positive! I will say that die from boxers did start to rub off slightly. When I wore blue boxers it did start to mark the tip of the packer however switching to different boxers stopped this issue so just keep that in mind. Over all, a great packer for the price and I definitely would recommend and I have done!


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