Performance Packer

by Blush Novelties


Please welcome our newest addition to our elastomer packer collection! If you think the Small Mr. Limpy is too short, but the Medium Mr. Limpy is too long, this is the packer for you. Coming in at 5" total length, with a shaft of 4" (measured from the underside), this packer will give you a "just right" bulge. 

The performance packer has a  soft, realist skin texture and a tinted head for an extra lifelike effect. The balls are on the smaller side and the shaft is 1.25" wide.

Comfortable for all-day wear. Compatible with packer underwear. Easy to clean and made of body-safe Thermoplastic Elastomers that contain no fragrances, phthalates or latex. 

Check out our packer cleaning and care guide.

*Please note this product is soft and not intended for play or penetration. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Great mold, love the impression in boxer briefs. Unfortunately, looks semi-erect 24/7

I bought the $10 harness from here and it doesn't do this packer any favours. Have to either make one myself or save for another harness. This packer isn't overly large. It would fit me, 5'5" and 120 lbs, just fine, except the shaft wants to go outwards of your body. Even in tight briefs, the bulge is just too large. I'd only be comfortable wearing this in flat or khaki shorts and jeans. I typically wear quickdry shorts, but with such thin material they'd show this packer way too much. If I get a better harness that holds the packer down, I'd rate 4 stars.

Love it so far

I ordered this packer after using the Medium Mr. Limpy for a while (and getting it stained on accident, whoops) and I just got it today.
There are a few people in the reviews saying that it's way too small, and it's definitely a bit smaller than my old one. I honestly prefer it, though. The Mr. Limpy is a lot heavier and would tend to pull my underwear down. It's also a lot less sticky than a Mr. Limpy, even without any powder. Like, you should probably still use powder, but it doesn't have that weird gummy texture.
The balls are absolutely on the small side for this one. I don't mind, personally, but if you're going to be using it with a Joey pouch or something similar I would wear it in private for a few days to make sure it won't fall out.
As far as I'm aware, it's pretty realistic (not much experience with penises), especially for a fifteen dollar packer. The only problem in regards to appearance is that the head isn't painted properly. Only a tiny part of it at the tip is pink.

This is child sized.

Honestly, this thing was a joke. It looks like something for a young transboy not an adult. Very disappointed.

One year after purchase

This was my first proper packer. Works great for me and is flexible with the position I'd like it in. Texture is good, I usually put some corn starch on it. My partner likes the feel. I use it with the blue packer strap from TGS. Paint was gone for me within one week but that didn't really bother me. My only issues are the tears and the balls. I have a long tear all the way around the base so that it appears to have a pocket. Not sure how to fix this. The balls are too small for me and don't weigh down the packer. Still recommend as a first packer. I'm 5'7 and it's a nice size for me.

Good, but...

Packs great, holds well with my gear. HOWEVER, I made the mistake thinking I could work out with it on. I guess my sweat melted the paint or the paint wasn't good in the first place. The pink head is now super blotchy and I'm trying to figure out how to repaint it.

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