Packer Gear TPR Large

by Packer Gear


A decent alternative to the Medium Mr. Limpy, this packer is made from Pure Skin (a phthalate-free, Thermoplastic Rubber, also called TPR). Pure Skin is soft, comfortable, and has a nice squishiness to it. 

It's 100% body-safe and a great packer for folks looking to try out packing without spending a ton of money.

The colors of the TPR Packers may vary a bit from the product photos. They can also at times come with small imperfections such as air bubbles or small dings. Lastly, because packers made with Pure Skin are porous, they may at times become discolored. Wearing packer-friendly underwear may reduce the risk of your packer becoming discolored. 


Keep away from heat! This product will absolutely melt under higher temps. This product will likely not last you a lifetime but is a great starter packer. If you are looking for something with more longevity, take a look at our Silicone Packer options. 

This packer should be washed in lukewarm water with soap and powdered once dry. For more info check out our packer cleaning and care guide.


Weight: 4.9 ounces. 
Full Product Length: 5.75"
Full Shaft Length: 5"
Underside Shaft Length: 4.25” 
Width: 1.5” at the base of the shaft

*Please note this product is soft and not intended for play or penetration. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mint B
Made me feel right

This packer was easy to wear and didn't slip easily when paired with my packing underwear. It looked silly at first but when I got to see myself in the mirror I almost cried. I would buy this again.

Thank you!

for the most clear and wonderful euphoria

Surprisingly Great

I purchased this packer because I had a much smaller one before and wanted something larger to see if it would work. I was also looking for a packer with bigger balls, there still hasn't been any on here with an okay size for me to be honest, but this is the closest that will do. It may seem large, but I am very very pleased with how much easier this is to pack with than I had thought. I usually pack up with it in skinnier pants and down in sweats or joggers. 10/10 recommend for jockstraps and for when you want to lounge around at home in just sweats. Great gender euphoria.

ash hussain
amazing but sweaty

it fits in my pants and feels perfectly fine on skin or in underwear pouch. it does get a little sweaty though so try to keep that in mind other than that it looks like a natural bulge and i’m not ashamed to have it like i am with my at home sock packers.

Celeste Saccone

It really helped with my disphorya,so thank you. Be back soon on your website


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