Mr Limpy - Small

by Fleshlight


Don't let the term "small" confuse you. This is a fantastic classic packer that produces a bulge the size of the average cis guy's softie. Rest assured that you won't be thought of as the small one in the locker room. Nor will your neighbors worry about having an eye poked out.

Made of plush SuperSkin, it's realistic enough to pass any squeeze test. The low price and lifelike feeling make it an all-time packing favorite. It also packs perfectly inside any of our Cake Bandit or Jockmail Packing Underwear.


Keep away from heat! This product will melt under higher temps. This product will not last a lifetime but is a great starter packer. If you are looking for something with more longevity, take a look at our Silicone Packer options. 

This packer should be washed in lukewarm water with soap and powdered once dry. For more info, check out our packer cleaning and care guide.


*Please note this packer is soft and not intended for penetration.


Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews

Classic like the original limpy!

Zack London

As a recently uncloseted man, this has been a huge help in my social transition. It’s a good size, looks nice in jeans, and has boosted my confidence tenfold. It gets a little sticky from prolonged use, and it’s really linty, but those are such minor things compared to the help it’s given me. A solid 9/10.

Anthony Bush
Should have bought this sooner!!

Absolutely love it. It is the first time into my 3 yr transition, that my bottom dysphoria has been relieved! I’m going to go ahead and order the next size up, so I have more than one option for packing. Thanks for the fast shipping and follow up and for continuing to sell and offer a time-less option!

Sierra Langford
Suits my needs

I bought this for my teen. He says it’s versatile and suits his needs at this time.

Haras Shirley
Mr. Limpy - small

This is the best packer I’ve purchased. It’s worth the money spent and it looks great.

It definitely helps with bottom dysphoria. I recommend having a pouch or underwear that has one built in to keep it in place.


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