Packer Gear TPR - 4"

by Packer Gear


This 4-inch packer is made from Pure Skin, a phthalate-free, Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). Pure Skin is soft, comfortable, and has a nice squishiness to it. It's 100% body-safe and a great packer for folks looking to try out packing without spending too much money.

Please note that this packer's shaft sometimes has a small upturn, as shown in the product photos. This makes it a great packer for those who prefer to pack up.


Keep away from heat! This product will melt under higher temps. This product will not last you a lifetime but is a great starter packer. If you are looking for something with more longevity, take a look at our Silicone Packer options. 

This packer should be washed in lukewarm water with soap and powdered once dry. For more info, check out our packer cleaning and care guide.


  • Bulge Size: 3
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces.
  • Full Product Length: 4.75"
  • Full Shaft Length: 4"
  • Underside Shaft Length: 3.5"
  • Width: 1.5” at the base of the shaft

*Please note this packer is soft and not intended for penetration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aliana McCollum

Packer Gear TPR - 4"

Bargain Bulge

I like that this packer has a bigger girth than others like Mr.Limpy. Paired with the Cake Bandit boxers, it offers a bigger bulge that looks and feels sexy. It’s big enough to make you feel like you’re packing some heat, without looking erect.

I'm literally so euphoric right now!

I only just got it, but this is the comfiest I've felt in years! It's really nice and soft, and has a great weight. It looks great in my boxers that aren't super tight as well; I'm using it with the Cake Bandit Monochrome Harness and it fits perfectly! Definitely the best pick for my first packer! ^_^ For reference, I'm really short (5"3') and on the chubbier side, and this packer looks great, and is the perfect size for me~

Brianna Duitsman
Fits great

I think it's pretty good! My packer was soft and it didn't have too strange of a smell when I first got it. I've had it for a month and a half now and I don't wear it all the time but it still looks almost new. I was worried it would be too big or it would look like I had a boner when I was trying to adjust it, but my partner has an actual penis of her own and she assured me that it looks normal. I'm 5'7 and 200 pounds, for reference. I don't see too many reviews left by people of a similar stature, so hopefully it'll help someone else if they feel nervous about what size to get

First packer

I've been using this packer for over a month now and absolutely love the experience! The color is decent, quality is great, and the price was perfect for a first packer. The phallus is pretty girthy and with the testes being more realistic in size, the product stands erect on its own and as a result, can make you look a little hard if you don't use proper packing gear. I use it with MyPack straps under my boxer briefs and the weight and size makes me feel like a G and comfortable all day.


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