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Please welcome our newest addition to our elastomer packer collection! If you think the XS Mr. Limpy is too small, but the Small Mr. Limpy is too big, this is the packer for you. Coming in at 5" total length, with a shaft of 4" (measured from the underside), this packer will give you a "just right" bulge. 

The performance packer has a  soft, realist skin texture and a tinted head for an extra lifelike effect. The balls are on the smaller side and the shaft is 1.25" wide.

Comfortable for all-day wear. Compatible with packer underwear. Easy to clean and made of body safe Thermoplastic Elastomers that contain no fragrances, phthalates or latex. 

Check out our packer cleaning and care guide.

*Please note this packer is soft and not intended for penetration. 

Customer Reviews

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Performance Packer

Not helpful

The product looks fine in these pictures but is very very small, I wanted something bigger than my original packer ( Mr. Limpy extra small) I need something that'll actually be noticeable in a suddel way but using this packer looks the same as without one, ide like to return it but cant, the balls are unrealistically small, I wouldn't recommend the product not gonna lie... I'm gonna look at the other products now.

First packer

I'm 5'5" and around 153 lbs but built kinda weird so buying this was a shot in the dark even looking at other reviews. I'm overall slim, somewhat muscular, but broader in general all over. That being said, this packer isn't too big or too small for my body and looks completely natural. If I pack it differently the bulge will increase or decrease so it's easy to modify for the day. Recommended with a jockstrap since that's what I use 👍

Satisfactory penis

Satisfactory penis

Performance packer

The performance packer is really good, especially for the price! It does stand up a bit more than I'd like, and the balls are unrealistically small, but overall it's an excellent product. Personally it's a bit larger than I was expecting, but overall it's a very reasonably sized packer and it created a very reasonable bulge. I would only recommend going bigger if you're packing in preparation for bottom surgery.

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