Trans and Non-Binary Holiday Gift Guide for 2022

That time of year is officially upon us again: holiday shopping. Gift-giving can be overwhelming. Whether you don’t know what to ask for yourself or you don’t know what to get the trans-masc people in your life, we’re here to help. We have a variety of items that are well-suited for trans men, trans-masculine, nonbinary people, and allies! And when you shop with us, you can feel extra good about buying from a small, trans-owned business that gives back to the community. This year alone, Transguy Supply has given over $12,000 in donations and micro grants with Mala Forever. Win, win, win!

Tis’ the season for more trans joy!

Transguy Supply Gift Card

We love it when trans people have choice! Do you want to buy a special trans person a gift but aren't sure what they'd love most? Or maybe you know exactly which packer they want, but purchasing someone a prosthetic can be a little, well... awkward. Gift cards to the rescue! They're the perfect way to show your support without getting too personal. Available in denominations from $10-$200.

Tender Hoodie

Tender Hoodie in Sage Green

A soft hoodie for a soft-hearted friend or partner? Yes, please! This ultra plush hoodie is the perfect gift for your favorite tender friend.

Cake Bandit Monochrome Packing Jockstrap

 Cake Bandit Monochrome Jock

Bring a little heat to your winter by gifting your boo a sexy, gender-empowering jockstrap. The Cake Bandit Monochrome jock is equipped with a special pouch to securely and safely hold a packer. The sleek tone-on-tone waistband makes this particular jock perfect for a dressed-up date night. Really, this one is a gift to yourself, but Santa told us you've been nice too!

Chest Binding Tape

Chest Binding Tape

Give someone the gift of movement. Know someone who loves having a flat chest but hates the restriction of a chest binder? Chest tape creates the appearance of a masculine chest without compressing your lungs or limiting your range of motion. It's also waterproof and sweatproof, so you can exercise or swim without worry.


pStyle STP

There are so many reasons why the pStyle is a favorite choice of so many STP beginners. Easy to clean, great for all body types, and available for a cool $12. But what we love most about this hard plastic stand-to-pee device is that it's virtually foolproof. While it's not urinal passable, no one will even look twice when you wash it in the bathroom sink. For folks who want something more anatomical, check out the Lou STP - our rec for an easy-to-use STP that will pass the urinal test.

Cake Bandit Packing Briefs

These briefs are the best for those who like to pack with assuredness but don’t need the STP function! The safe and secure pouch holds a packer in perfect position without the fear of it falling out in the bathroom. (Too many of us have been there before…).

T4T Dad Cap

T4T Dad Cap

Let people know what team you play on this year with our T4T cap. This discretely signals to those in the know that you are trans for trans all day, every day. Who doesn’t love trans people loving, supporting, and celebrating other trans people?

Embroidered Lover & A Fighter Denim Jacket

Lover Fighter Jean Jacket

This community needs both/and. This jacket is a perfect reminder of the two forces propelling our movement forward. Our community is fiercely fueled by abundant love and the continued need to stand up and fight for our rights and dignity. This is an ideal gift for the loving warrior in your life.

Thriving While Trans Sweatpants

Trans and Thriving Sweatpants

This winter, why not get cozy in these cozy sweats while cozying up to the idea of trans people not just surviving but thriving? These fleece-lined sweats are printed on the back and the front, so whether you are coming or going, you’ll send the message of a bright future for trans folks. We highly encourage allies to wear them too!





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