Trans and Non-Binary-Owned Shops to Support this Holiday Season

Looking to spend your money with Trans-Masculine and Non-Binary-owned businesses this holiday shopping season? Look no further! We've compiled this comprehensive list of excellent companies that you can feel great about supporting and where you can find fantastic gifts.


Queer Candle Co

Philly-based Queer Candle Co. is owned by queer couple Ab (they/them) and Al (she/her). Their soy wax, non-toxic candles are deliciously fragrant. Get in the holiday spirit with their Winter Spruce candle. Or check out their Fall Classic 3 Pack, featuring scents of Apple Tree, Cauldron Fire, and Mulled Cider. Best of all, Queer Candle Co. donates 10% of profits to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, an NYC grassroots organization working to "guarantee that all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination or violence."


Flavnt is an apparel company specializing in t-shirts with empowering messages of self-love and confidence. Visit their store to pick up an iconic "Pretty Boy" tee or buy your bestie a "Love Makes the World Go 'Round" hoodie. Owned by twins Chris and Courtney Rhodes, what we love most about Flavnt is that they donate a part of their proceeds to positively impact the lives of Trans individuals. Since its inception, Flavnt has helped twelve Trans folx actualize their dreams of gender-affirming surgery. When you shop at Flavnt, in addition to getting a cute shirt that lets the world know you are Trans and joyful, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping someone in the community in a massive, life-changing way.


Stealth Bros and Co. (SBC) was founded by the charismatic and driven Braxton Fleming in 2017. SBC makes specialty Dopp and shot kits to organize and safely store your HRT supplies. Their kits are thoughtfully made, elegantly designed, and built to last. SBC's Jr Dopp Kit is a great selection for any Trans or Non-Binary person who loves to travel and needs somewhere to stow their shot supplies. Like Flavnt, Stealth Bros and Co. has a giveback program to support folks in the community. In December this year, SBC's Support Fund will award two applicants $500 a piece so to go towards gender-affirmation hormone therapy, and/or transitioning goods (binders/packers/etc...).


All Plus One Web Store

All + None is an activewear company looking to upend traditional ideas of fitness culture. Rooted in the belief that "movement, strength, sport, and fashion are for everyone," All + None designs all-gender, size-inclusive garments that are made to look as good on the town as they do when you're sweating. These pieces are meant to be worn hard and will stand the test of time. They're also made with recycled and compostable materials wherever possible. Check out our fave: The Muscle Tee.


Soft Boy Chain Necklace

UK-based Trans designer, Seth Corbin, makes unapologetically political, queer, and kinky gear with a focus on handmade jewelry and apparel. If you're looking for a statement piece to wear to your next dungeon party or rave, this shop is for you. Check out his Etsy shop to pick up an XXL "Daddy" chain or "Queer AF" carabineer.


Both& Apparel

Finding flattering clothes can be difficult for anyone who doesn't fit the fashion industry's standard mold. For Trans and Non-binary folks, this can make shopping a dysphoria-inducing nightmare. That's why, in 2020, Trans-entrepreneur Finn launched an apparel company with the mission to make clothes for the community. Both& makes t-shirts, pants, hoodies, and more - specifically designed for Trans-Masc and Non-Binary bodies. Depending on the garment, this can mean dropped shoulders to make you look broad or a shorter hem, so your t-shirt doesn't hang down past your knees.


King Butta Love Balm

King Butta Love is our go-to facial hair growth and beard care shop. King Butta Love specializes in shea-butter-based balms to tame unruly beards, stimulate hair growth, and make your skin glow. Our fave is the Cedar Leather Beads Butter - which smells fantastic and makes our facial hair soft and supple. With almost 800 5-star reviews, you can rest assured you're getting a stand-out product.

Looking for more?? Here are a few more of our favorite Trans and Non-Binary-owned businesses:


Ash & Chess
Cards, Patches, and an Inclusive Queer Tarot Deck!

Automic Gold
High-Quality, Handmade, Inclusive, Non-Gendered Jewelry

Awarewolf Apparel
T-shirts, Apparel, and Accessories

Bindle & Keep
Custom Suits for Every Body

Bryan Mckinney - BMcArtShop
Art and Apparel

Cuevas Uniform Shop
Hand-Painted Pants, Heavy-Weight Sweats and More

Chest Binders and Apparel

Genuine Valentine
T-Shirts and Other Apparel

Good Boy Designs
Custom Jewelry, Vintage Clothing and More

Mr. Leo Mateus
Art, Stickers, Posters and More

Mars Wright
Clothing, Accessories, and Home Goods

Packing Gear

Sharpe Suiting
Custom Luxury Suiting

TransFigure Print Co
Screen Printing Shop with T-Shirts and More

Chest Binding Tape

Gender-Affirming Activewear



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