#1 Trans Packer - Uncut 4"

by TG Supply


Finally, a realistic uncut packer that won't break the bank.

Made from ultra-soft, premium silicone, the #1 Trans Packer is your new daily go-to prosthetic for a comfortable, body-safe packing experience. This packer is lifelike to the touch and has lovely detailing in the shaft and balls. Never tacky, even after washing, you won't need to powder this packer for a silky smooth feel.

Pair the #1 Trans Packer with Cake Bandit Boxer Briefs or your favorite packing underwear and add a spring to your step. 

  • Naturally packs "down"
  • 100% body-safe silicone
  • Easy to clean by boiling in hot water or throwing in the dishwasher

Weight: 7.4 ounces 
Full Product Length: 5"
Full Shaft Length: 4"
Underside Shaft Length: 3” 
Widest Width: 3” at the base of the shaft

*Please note that because this product is very soft, it is prone to nicks with rough handling. Be kind to your packer. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tommy Sloan
Best packer ever

I’ve bought all kinds of packers through the years and this one just feels right. The uncut look is perfect, it’s sits nicely in my underwear no matter the style.
Would definitely recommend this packer!

can't beat it for the price

i can't believe this packer was so cheap. it feels expensive. it's super soft. not as squishy as packers like the mr. limpy, but those are not made from silicone. this one still has good squishiness and is the softest silicone packer i've ever had. it's a good size for me (I'm 5' 7" and slim). it doesn't feel embarrassingly big and it feels great in my packing underwear. 10/10 would recommend.

Jane Taylor

#1 Trans Packer - Uncut 4"

Remy Sullivan
A good simple packer

Good bulge, not too heavy, good density, good size for day to day wear.

Reviewer avatar
Mike H.
A little firm but otherwise perfect!

It’s hard finding uncut packers, at least ones that are affordable on my limited income. I was very happy when I got this one. I do find it to be a little firmer than I would have liked (kind of feels like walking around with a semi, or how I imagine that might feel), but I suppose that’s a limitation of creating a product that doesn’t get tacky the way the Mr. Limpy (only packer I’ve owned before) and others do. In spite of the firmness, which does cause he calls to dig into my thighs a little since I have thick thighs, it’s quite comfortable. Bought the Cake Bandit monochrome harness along with it and it’s a very comfortable fit. Recommend this product to guys who want a natural looking and affordable packer that doesn’t get tacky and don’t mind that it’s a little firmer than some other products on the market.


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