#1 Trans Packer - Uncut 4"

by TG Supply


Finally, a realistic uncut packer that won't break the bank.

Made from ultra-soft, premium silicone, the #1 Trans Packer is your new daily go-to prosthetic for a comfortable, body-safe packing experience. This packer is lifelike to the touch and has lovely detailing in the shaft and balls. Never tacky, even after washing, you won't need to powder this packer for a silky smooth feel.

Pair the #1 Trans Packer with Cake Bandit Boxer Briefs or your favorite packing underwear and add a spring to your step. 

  • Naturally packs "down"
  • 100% body-safe silicone
  • Easy to clean by boiling in hot water or throwing in the dishwasher

Bulge Size: 4

Weight: 7.4 ounces 
Full Product Length: 5"
Full Shaft Length: 4"
Underside Shaft Length: 3” 
Widest Width: 3” at the base of the shaft

*Please note that because this product is very soft, it is prone to nicks with rough handling. Be kind to your packer. Keep away from sharp objects, including zippers, and do not attempt to pack "up." Please also take care when fitting your packer into a packing pouch or harness. Do not, for any reason, pull the shaft away from the balls, unless you would like for the two pieces to rip apart. We cannot issue replacements for products that have been handled in this way. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tony Vercher
Comfy, good size.

Finally a good uncut packer. It sits nice against the body, doesn’t feel awkward to walk with. And it doesn’t get gross. It’s also not an awkward, huge bulge. An appropriate amount of ****.

Nikki Soule
Blown away.

I’ve got a few packers different brands, sizes etc Mr Limpy needed to be replaced and I saw this one. So soft, much more realistic

Ashton Guerrero

I ordered the uncut packer and a jock to hold it. The products are insanely HQ. I've handled packers before, never felt something so firm yet silky. The detail from the veins to the **** is a lovely touch. Adds a nice bulge and it's not uncomfortable at all, the weight is welcoming for euphoria. And the jock is barely noticeable under my boxer briefs. Delivery was quick and discreet. It's everything I want and needed. I'll be ordering more bottoms for my packer from this company ♡ Thanks guys!

Abra Alexander
it's great

this is my first packer so I have nothing to compare it to but I have no complaints. it's super soft, floppy but firm, my wife says it's very realistic so third party approval too. seems durable as well, I'm a hard wearer of everything so we'll see how it goes.

Kestrel Thorne-Kaunelis
Great size, great feel, very happy human

This is the perfect size for a substantial bulge. The material itself is so soft to the touch yet still grippy enough to stay in place in pocketed underwear and jockstraps. I was beaming all day long upon receiving this package ;) in the mail. Got this and the Cake Bandit Jockstrap and I'm so stoked.


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