Cake Bandit Harness

by TG Supply


The Cake Bandit Harness is the stand-to-pee solution for you. For $15 you can start wearing your STP or regular packer with any type of underwear, including boxers. 

This game-changing versatile jock harness was designed by trans folks for trans folks and has many options for packing your STP, packer, and more ;)

This harness will hold your package tight and close to your body.

It will not bob up making you look like you have a boner or move around uncomfortably in your pants. Plus, you'll never again have to worry about your packer or STP dropping out.

The double verticle straps allow you to pack up or pack down, creating whatever kind of bulge you prefer. 

*Fits most soft silicone STPs.

**This item will restock often. Use the "Notify When Available" tab to the right to sign up to receive a text or email when your size is back in stock. 


96% Spandex

Wash cold with like colors - will shrink a little in a hot or warm wash

No Bleach

Tumble Dry on Low - will shrink and affect elastic in the Dryer - To make this product last longer we recommend hand washing


Cake Bandit uses standard US sizing. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend sizing down. 

X-Small 24”-26” 

Small: 27"- 32”
Medium: 32”- 36”
Large: 36” - 38”
XL: 38” - 42”
2XL: 42”- 47"
3XL: 46"- 52”

CAKE BANDIT is designed by non-binary trans men for all people.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mostly Pro's

I've been making a similar harness like this for myself for years, so it's nice to finally be able to purchase something like this online. Kudos! For this I whole heartedly give the harness 4 stars. My only criticism would be that the straps for the legs, where they connect to the waist band, aren't enforced as well as they could be. The other would be the branding. The logo/font is massive and in my opinion could be refined/minimized.

Best harness ever

This is unreal. The first STP harness I’ve ever had that actually works!!

Good Price

Generally, this is a good product. I was stoked to be able to order something big (the 3xl) and not be charged extra because of the bigger size. But, the placement doesn't quite work. My packer ends up wait too high. Unless you have the same body type/shape as the larger model (a larger, round belly as opposed to folds/rolls) this item just isn't going to work.

THIS is what I’ve been looking for!!!

I’ve been packing since 2016 (almost five years now) and I have NEVER found a harness that worked well for me. If it was the right size for my body it didn’t hold my junk. If it held it okay it was positioned CRAZY. So I wanted to pack but often avoided it because a poor packing job made my dysphasia scary bad. BUT
This works great with my gendercat packer and my freetom stp. I’m so happy. Do it, get it. You gotta try this!

Great customer service doesnt fully fit my STP

I had placed an order and the post office unfortunately lost my package. i reached out about it and was greeted with an apology and an option to refund or make mine next so that it can shipped. i opted for mine getting made next and by the time i knew it it was in my mailbox! they fit wonderfully and i would buy again but the only thing wrong is that it doesn't fit my stp (from another site) perfectly like the way i thought it would. im making it work though

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