Cake Bandit STP Briefs

by TG Supply

Cake Bandit's STP Briefs feature a 3-layer design that allows the wearer to safely use a stand-to-pee device. While they are designed specifically for use with the  STP Freely, these briefs can also be used with many other STP models as well as traditional packers or pack-and-play prosthetics.

The inside most layer has a slit that acts as a barrier between your body and your STP device when it is not in use. Simply tuck the cup of your STP into the slit to give your junk some breathing room.

The middle layer has a reinforced round hole through which you can pull the shaft of your STP device. Once pulled through the hole, position the head and shaft of your STP in a downward position.

The outer layer of these briefs has an opening with 2 buttons. This layer keeps your STP hidden from view when you're changing or just lounging in your underwear. When you're ready to use your STP, unbutton this layer, pull the shaft out, and take your aim.


92% Cotton 6% Spandex

Wash cold with like colors - will shrink a little in a hot or warm wash

No Bleach

Tumble Dry on Medium Low - will shrink a little in the dryer


Small: 27"- 31”
Medium: 32”- 35”
Large: 36” - 38”
XL: 39” - 42”
2XL: 43”- 46"
3XL: 47"- 52”



Customer Reviews

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Cameron C.
The waist is larger then expected

I ordered the black pair in a size small and I'm somewhat new to packing. I'm not sure if its because I am smaller then the normal but the waist band is a bit too large for me and it feels like the back of the briefs is a bit saggy. If there's an XS size in the future I'll definitely buy. The material feels great and in general they are comfortable to wear. I can't wait to use my stp in these btw.


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