Cake Bandit STP Boxer Briefs - 3" Inseam

by TG Supply


Cake Bandit STP Packing Trunks are made with super soft breathable cotton and a 3” Inseam. They can be worn with a foam insert (that can be cut to size), regular packer, or an STP -Stand T Pee Device without the need for a harness or packer strap.

Constructions Details: The STP underwear have a 3 layer construction the outside layer has buttons on the front to allow you to pull the STP through to pee,  the middle layer has an opening to pull the shaft through to the front and the inside layer (closest to your body) allows you to put the STP into the underwear and the shaft through to the second layer. The layer closest to your body has an opening to allow you to pull the cup of your STP to your body while keeping your underwear up. 

This STP Packing underwear was designed to work with the STP Freely, but may be compatible with other STP and packer models.  


92% Cotton 6% Spandex

Wash cold with like colors - will shrink a little in a hot or warm wash

No Bleach

Tumble Dry on Medium Low - will shrink a little in the dryer


Small: 27"- 31”
Medium: 32”- 35”
Large: 36” - 38”
XL: 39” - 42”
2XL: 43”- 46"
3XL: 47"- 52”



Customer Reviews

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Cake Bandit STP Boxer Briefs - 3" Inseam

Quality 100! Size, small

For the first time I feel like I have found the perfect pair of packing underwear. I got size small and wear them with the STP freely- they would definitely be too small for the freely XL.

Comfortable and quality packing boxers. Holds my STP perfectly in place.

Only negative- I would size up. I’m 5’6” and 130 and smalls in all other brands are usually a little too loose for me. These barely fit so I’d size up if you’re on the fence.

Definitely going to buy more though.


I got these in green and black, size L for the STP freely and Archer packers I already had and I love them. I read the reviews about sizing around the legs and sized up because other briefs sometimes ride up, and the fit is perfect. it feels snug around the leg but not uncomfortable and the seam hasn’t budged once. i love wearing them w/ my packer so far, the two slot keeps everything in place perfectly. i am having a similar issue as another reviewer w/ the STP - it does seem to turn a bit, but that happens naturally anytime i use the STP freely.

the colors are great and i love how the waist band looks and fits too.

overall 5/5 for fit, style, use and would definitely buy again. only downside is they’re a little pricey - would love a bigger discount for buying in bulk.

Pretty good

I assumed this was also made for the STP freely XL but it may not be. I find that the STP tends to turn in my pants and it can get a bit uncomfortable but nothing that would stop me from wearing it.

The buttons are not held together very well and I have only washed them once but the thread holding the buttons is coming loose.

I ordered a medium and I am 5’4, 150-160 pounds with a pants size of 42. They fit perfectly not too tight but enough to hold the STP relatively in place.

I would love to see more colors and a better price because wow I bought 3 pairs for $78 and I can see how that would be way out of price for most transfolk.

Overall they are okay but nothing too special.

Packing underwear review

I hopped on TG supply to purchase an stp, and I ended up deciding to buy 2 pairs of stp underwear because they were designed to be used with the stp Freely. I’m really glad I bought these because the stp Freely turned out to be incompatible with my current packing underwear.
The positives: works great with the stp Freely. The pocket is just large enough to hold the balls (or “cup” that you actually pee into) while the lip of the cup stays above the fabric and can easily be felt when you position it to pee. Everything fits really well; the stp is held snug but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable or hard to maneuver. The shaft is held by a ring shaped hole just tightly enough that it stays in position but not so tight that it impedes the flow of your pee.
The outer fly uses 2 buttons: I keep one buttoned and the other unbuttoned just to make it quicker to pull out when I need to go. Having one button undone does not make the shaft prone to slipping out at all.
The only thing I’d warn any potential buyers about would be sizing. I’m an athletic skinny guy and I went for the small size. The waist is comfortable but I find that the legs are a bit tight for my liking and that they ride/bunch up a bit during the day. However, I find that when I wear these without the stp (regular packer only) the fit feels more relaxed and natural. I definitely recommend sizing up, if you hate the feel of tight clothes on your skin.

The only suggestions I’d make is that it would be really cool if these boxers were available in a non-cotton option such as a spandex or a moisture wicking “clima-cool” material. It would also be cool to see these with a slightly longer inseam option, if it’s possible to do so without compromising how the stp fits.


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