Cake Bandit STP Boxer Briefs - 3"

by TG Supply


FTM STP Boxers for a Harness-Free Stand-to-Pee Experience.

Cake Bandit STP Packing Trunks are made with super soft, breathable cotton and a 3” Inseam. They can be worn with a foam insert, regular soft packer, or stand-to-pee device without needing a harness or packer strap. 

This STP Packing underwear was designed to work with the STP Freely but may be compatible with other STP and packer models.  


Constructions Details: Our STP underwear has a 3-layer construction. The outside layer has buttons on the front to pull the STP through to pee. The middle layer has an opening to pull the shaft through the front. And finally, the inside layer (the one closest to your body) allows you to put the STP into the underwear and the shaft through to the second layer.

  • 92% Cotton 8% Spandex
  • Wash cold with like colors - will shrink a little in a hot or warm wash
  • No Bleach
  • Tumble Dry on Medium Low - will shrink a little in the dryer


Small: 27"- 31”
Medium: 32”- 35”
Large: 36” - 38”
XL: 39” - 42”
2XL: 43”- 46"
3XL: 47"- 52”

Model in Mauve: Sloan Leo (they/he) is 5' 10" and is wearing a size 2XL.

Model in Navy: Tamren (they/them) is 5' 3" and wearing a size 2XL.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jayce Snider
Amazing 👏

These are so comfortable and I can easily use the mens restroom w no problem make sure to get the STP freely it works amazing w this

Corrina Tulk
Great packing underwear for STP

Very comfortable, natural looking, and easy to navigate as a first time stp user … def recommend. Make sure if you have an stp and you don’t want people to know your packing, to wear thicker, tighter pants because the bulge (in my experience) is pretty noticeable otherwise —also firmer pants helps to keep stp in place
Very cute boxers though, even if stp packer did need adjusting throughout the day but maybe that’s just because I’m still figuring out how to wear it comfortably.

Beck Stewart

Cake Bandit STP Boxer Briefs - 3"

Liam Hernandez
Great for peeing!

I was hoping to get the briefs but they were out of stock- but was pleasantly surprised at the boxer briefs still being a great option for both packing and peeing! I wear them for work where my uniform pants are p baggy - i'd still try to get the briefs for anything active. But i wanted these primarily for work for jic moments where a urinal is my only option. Haven't had to pee at a urinal yet but I've been practicing at home and it made a significant difference in my ability to pee without spills. I went from struggling to get my positioning correct to feeling confident i can use it in an emergency. Great underwear, perfect openings for efficient peeing :)

Kyle York
super nice

these boxers are super comfortable and fit really nice. the waist band it sturdy and really nice. Overall they feel really good and look really good


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