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Chest Binding Tape

What Is Chest Binding Tape?

Chest binding tape is a stretchy tape with a strong adhesive. This tape is used to position existing chest tissue to create the appearance of a flatter or more masculine chest.

Using chest binding tape is a great binding option for those seeking a compression-free, multiple-day binding experience.

If you decide that chest tape is right for you, it is imperative that you apply and remove it correctly. Be sure to read this guide on how to bind with tape before beginning.

Chest Binding Tape


Is Trans Tape Better Than a Binder?

Traditional chest binders have their place and are a better option for some. However, TransTape may be the best binding solution for you if you do not have adhesive allergies. You can wear binding tape for 3-5 days straight. You can also sleep, sweat, swim, and shower without needing to remove your tape. More time binding means more time feeling affirmed.

Chest tape is also more discreet than a traditional binder as it does not cover the back, chest, or shoulders and is not visible under your garments.

Some folks opt to use TransTape in combination with their binder. For most people, though, the goal of TransTape is to replace your binder. Even if you have a larger chest, you should be able to successfully use chest tape.

Is Trans Tape Safer Than a Traditional Binder?

With all binding methods, injury is a risk. However, taping is very safe if done properly and with the correct type of tape. You will need to take precautions to ensure the best result and lessen the chance of damage.

For example, always use tape that was designed for use on the body. Never use duct tape. Also, it's important to follow guidance on proper removal. Ripping tape off your body can cause serious damage to your skin. Likewise, you will need to protect your nipples using a nipple guard or other barrier. Lastly, never wrap TransTape all the way around the circumference of your body. TransTape should only cover your chest and the area beneath your armpits. 

That said, taping can be safer than a traditional binder. When done correctly it does not constrict or compress your organs. Taping allows for full range of motion, mobility, and breathing.



How Long Can You Wear Trans Tape?

With one application, you can wear TransTape for 3-5 days, depending on your activity level. You can wear this product throughout your whole day during all activities.

How Do You Remove Trans Tape?

Chest tape cannot be removed without the help of oil. This is because the tape's bond is meant to last until you take it off. The adhesive used is VERY strong and you will need to use oil to release the tape's bond.

To remove your Trans Tape, you can use any skin-safe oil found in your kitchen. This includes vegetable oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Generously apply the oil over the tape. Let the oil soak for 1-3 minutes. Slowly peel back the edges, adding more oil as needed to ensure a comfortable removing experience.

Pro Tip: try some oil in a hot bath for a more relaxing removal experience.

Can You Sleep in Trans Tape?

Yes. Whether taking a quick snooze or enjoying a 12-hour rest, you can safely wear chest tape without worry. Many users forget it’s there, can sleep shirtless, and feel more affirmed.

Does Trans Tape restrict breathing?

No. Taping does not restrict, constrict or compress your body or organs in any way. It actually allows for a full range of motion, mobility, and breathing. You can take full, deep breaths when wearing TransTape. As such, chest tape is suitable for all activities - including breathwork, meditation, and rigorous physical activity. 

What Size Trans Tape Do I Need?

Every body's needs are different as every person's chest has a unique size and density. But! If you have a basic idea of your cup size, you can follow this guide:

A/B cups - small, 3-inch
B/C cups - medium, 4-inch size
D/DD+ and larger - large, 5-inch size

What If My Trans Tape Won't Stick?

Not sticking can be a serious problem if you’re counting on your binder for support. But the good news is that if your chest tape is not sticking, you’ll likely know immediately. Here are some things you can try if your chest tape is not sticking:

First, try rubbing the tape vigorously to activate the adhesive bond. You also want to ensure your skin is dry from sweat, oils, lotions, or deodorant, as those may prevent a secure bond. If you still are having trouble, try cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol before applying.

Another issue that can cause the tape to release after an application is if the tape is overstretched. This will cause the tape to pull in on itself, weakening the bond. You want to make sure there is zero tension on the first and last two inches of tape.

For a full tutorial on how to bind with tape, check out this complete guide to binding with chest tape

Have a question that we didn't answer? Drop a comment below, and we'll do our best to help!

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