Multi-Color Packer Harness

by TG Supply


We love this sporty, affordable packer harness. The elastic strap fits snugly under your underwear but is stretchy enough to still be comfortable. Compatible with most types of soft packers. It's a great option for people who want to pack every day, but don't own (or don't want to own) an entire drawer of packer underwear. 

  • SIZING:  Small 28-31" waist / Medium 32-35" waist / Large 36-40" waist

It should be noted that this product gives your packer a "lift" and can slightly enhance the appearance of your packer's size. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
smells bad, fits good

i got the large harness and it fits good! but holy moly it reeks. like cat pee and body odor. I'll definitely buy from them again! i just need to wash it and it'll be fine.
fits comfortably and my Mr limpy small fits well too. confusing at first to put on but I like it!


Multi-Color Packer Harness

Does the job but colors are too obvious

Need a black option in the style.
Wearing a jock strap with any of the "femme" color options available is not a good look.
I've started making my own in black. These are just back ups now

Moves around some

This is my first stp/packer so maybe I just don't know how exactly to be positioning things, but whenever I bend or squat it rides up/forward some. Wearing tighter pants (like jeans) or underwear helped a good bit, in sweat pants and looser boxers though I was constantly repositioning. It's a pretty good harness especially for the price, I love the color options, and that I can wear whatever underwear with it without spending $15+ on one pair of packing underwear. Overall, I think it's great for casual daily wear.

Best daily wear packer harness.

I love this harness. Its my daily wear. The material is soft and durable. I have recommended this to people. Thanks TG.

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