Magnetic Packer Pouch

by New York Toy Collective


 Don't have a drawerful of packing underwear? With the magnetic packer pouch, you can turn any underwear into packing underwear. Compatible with all styles: briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, and more.

This pouch easily fits into any underwear and holds your packer of choice securely with strong magnets.

*Can be used with any of the packers that we offer. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kole Spillers

The magnetic pouch in my opinion is great. So far the only time it "moved" was when I accidentally unsnapped it without realizing it. I do above all other recommend washing the pouch by hand in hot water with direct laundry soap. If you don't it will very very quickly dye your packer. Other than that I love this product without a doubt.

Ethan Stout
Pretty good

I really like the pouch, one this is the magnet keeps falling out because one of the ends in open. It’s annoying but the product works super well! And it looks very nice.

Magnetic Packer Pouch

Serves it's purpose. I bought the black one because the gray was sold out. I used it once and my Mr. Limpy is now purple/blue and it won't come off. I ended up making something similar myself.

Basil Soper
Magnetic packer pouch

This item is okay! It keeps stuff clean, however, the magnet isn’t sewn into the pouch and it fell out of mine and I can’t find it. I still use the pouch in my dresser to hold my packer but it doesn’t stay closed. Before the loss of the magnet the packer pouch slid around and didn’t easily easily connect over my underwear.

Ty Fleming
Don't use

slips around, doesn't feel secure


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