Magnetic Packer Pouch

by New York Toy Collective


 Don't have a drawerful of packing underwear? With the magnetic packer pouch, you can turn any underwear into packing underwear. Compatible with all styles: briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, and more.

This pouch easily fits into any underwear and holds your packer of choice securely with strong magnets.

*Can be used with any of the packers that we offer. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
nothing wrong with it but not needed

i find it much easier to just put it between the flap in my boxer briefs. also because men’s underwear are so high waisted typically the pouch sits a bit too high


The magnets fell out like, immediately after opening so that was a bummer. It still holds my packer well though for days I'm not using my cake bandit underwear though. I don't prefer it but it does the job in a pinch so it's a nice back up to have. I recommend just getting packing underwear.

stained my only packer.

magnets were not strong enough, stained my only packer a deep blue, the SQUARE shape makes it so that your packer is always moving around. Dont buy this.

Not great for the price

I really wish I read the reviews before ordering this. As most have stated, the magnetic closure is poorly sewn in and I almost lost it at one point because it slid right out. It's not very strong either and doesn't even hold the weight of my packer. I don't even use it. It was just a waste of money and I'm highly disappointed. I could have made a usable one for a lot cheaper.

magnetic packer pouch

the magnets were shitty tbh. it’s good so they it keeps the packer in place i guess but you need to wear tight underwear also


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