EZ Bulge

by TG Supply

If you like the lightweight feeling of Jockmail packing underwear's insert, but want something a little more anatomical, this is the packing solution for you. Made to fit into pouch underwear, underwear with ball separation or inside a packing pouch, this durable, washable insert is soft and moves with your body. Plus the extra detail will give you that extra confidence boost you're looking for - without the chafing or need for powder.

Customer Reviews

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Poor fit and awkward bulge

My mom got me one of these as a first packer. I have proper packing underwear but it just doesn't sit well. The bulge is massive when I wear it properly and it's really uncomfortable. Until I can get a proper one, I'll stick with the ole' pair of socks.

A waste of money

Didn't meet the expectations. Won't be buying anything else from this site


EZ Bulge

Great Packer!!

This is my first packer and I was really excited to use it! Must admit I had to ask one of my cis male friends if it looked accurate because personally I thought it looked a bit large but I just learned that compression briefs work best for hold. It didn’t turn around on my much but I have found myself adjusting it occasionally. Overall it’s really good and I highly recommend it!!

Makes me more confident

They are comfortable and look real. I love my bulge. I do recommend buying boxer briefs and even better if they are meant for packing.


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