Emisil Compact STP - 4"


  • $106.00

Our most realistic looking STP and remarkably easy to use. The Emisil Compact STP is small enough for inconspicuous packing and ergonomically designed for easy one-hand use.

- Very realistic and soft for extra comfort.
- Available in 4 different skin colors.
- Very durable and high performance.

- Ergonomically designed, convenient and easy to use.
- Lightweight, easy to grip and wear.
- Leak resistant.

- Length: 4 inches - 10 cm.
- Girth: 4.7 inches - 12 cm. 

Hygienic, easy to clean with standard soap and water. For complete sterilization, can be placed in boiling water.

This STP will fit in any of the Jockmail packing underwear pouches, though please note you will need to remove the STP from the pouch in order to use it as the Jockmail underwear does not contain a pee flap. 

*A note for first-time users, we strongly recommend that you practice in the shower before attempting to use in public. Even if you have had success with other STPs in the past, every STP is different and requires some getting used to. 

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