Classic No Hole Packing Pouch

by Get Your Joey


Get Your Joey's Hole-less Packing Pouch.

Get Your Joey's Classic No Hole is hands-down our favorite packing pouch. Turn any pair of underwear into packing underwear by pinning your pouch to your underwear of choice. All Get Your Joey packing pouches come with a special pin designed to stay pinned and stay in the closed position.  

  • Cotton front, poly-cotton lining
  • Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial polyester back
  • Locking head pin (nickel and plastic)
  • Instead of a hole, Solid Joeys have an inner (mesh) liner for added structure and stability.
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry (remove pin before laundering)
  • Dimensions (approximate since Joeys are not factory-made) 4”x7”
  • Perfect for most packers like Mr. Limpy, Mr. Right, or for guys who like their bulge to be a little closer in.
  • Great for packers that are fragile such as the #1 Trans Packer.

Some packers are prone to color transfer. This will not affect function at all. Wash your Joey before packing. Transguy Supply is not responsible for wear on packers.

*All Get Your Joey products are handmade by LGBTQ people in Canada who are paid a fair wage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kai Gilberts

This product is awesome! I usually use stuff it with socks as I don't have an actual packer (fear of family finding it), and that works great for me. Packing makes me feel powerful.

Viveca Licata

I'm grateful for TG Supply but I wouldn't recommend this pouch. The pouch is almost too small for my packer, which is roughly the size of Mr. Limpy (small). It's sewn flat on both sides, rather than rounded on the front side and flat on the rear (skin-facing) side, and because of this it's awkward to position the packer inside of it. The safety pin immediately bent when I tried to put it through the pouch + my underwear waistband. Would love to see this with a different construction and enclosure/pinning device.


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