Cake Bandit Briefs

by TG Supply


These briefs feel great and won’t add unwanted bulk to your slim-fitting pants.

They keep your package high and tight and won’t sag down between your legs. You can do headstands and your packer will stay put.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your packer in the bathroom either. They have a second layer inside creating a pouch that can be used to stash your packer or foam cup.

Cake Bandit is for all trans, cis, non-binary, and GNC people and can be worn with or without a packer.

Note: These are not STP functional. You can stash an STP in the pouch but you would need to pull it completely out to the pouch to use it to pee.



92% Cotton 6% Spandex

Wash cold with like colors - will shrink a little in a hot or warm wash

No Bleach

Tumble Dry on Medium Low - will shrink a little in the dryer


Small: 27"- 32”
Medium: 32”- 36”
Large: 36” - 38”
XL: 38” - 42”
2XL: 42”- 47"
3XL: 46"- 52”

CAKE BANDIT is designed by non-binary trans folks for all humans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ronin R.
Love these!

I struggled to find a comfortable, natural way of packing every day. I found that system in Cake Bandit packing briefs. I LOVE this product! So comfortable, natural, and reduces dysphoria. Cake Bandit will always be a part of my packing system. I just wish they came in Bright Blue.

Keegan Duncan
not compatible with my disabilities

From an objective point of view, the underwear seem like good quality briefs, I wanted to like them. I have sensory sensitivities though so the elastic waistband isn’t comfortable, imo, it would be nice if cake bandit made a brief that had fabric over the elastic but aesthetics is more important to most people than practicality or accessibility. Also, the packer pocket opening is on the small side, and inside. I have very limited use of my hands and it is impossible for me to get my soft pack inside because of the tiny opening, so I have to have my assistant do it for me. I wish they had an outside pocket in addition to the inside one like the Truhk STP boxers but rodeoh products are expensive.

Seth List
Great undies!

Really happy with the way these fit. I was a little worried about the wide waistband but it's super comfy. My only complaint is the opening of the packer pouch varies from color-to-color. A couple pairs are perfect but the others require some work to get everything in place

Skyler Bencivenga
Packing major heat

Enjoyed the briefs dude, packing heat never looked so good.

Levi West

I love everything about this company. The Cake Bandit Briefs are outstanding!!! I love the feel and look (so does my spouse). I only wear CBB's


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