Jockmail Packing Boxer Briefs

by Jockmail

Jockmail Packing Boxers are the perfect packing solution for active guys. Each pair has a special pouch for your packer that keeps your packer snug against your body.
Run, jump, flip - your packer will stay put through even the most vigorous activities. Plus the cotton barrier keeps your packer from sticking to you during your day.
Jockmail Boxer Briefs also come with a removable soft foam insert that you can use instead of a packer. This is great for guys who don't have a packer or who don't want an anatomical bulge. Of course, you can always remove the soft foam insert and drop in your favorite packer. The pouch is big enough to fit most packer sizes but small enough to keep your packer secure. Made soft with a combo of 92% cotton and 8% spandex.


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Jockmail underwear runs small. Do NOT order your "normal" size underwear. We also don't recommend ordering your regular jeans size. Jockmail is low rise and sits on your hips and not your true waist. Instead, measure the part of your waist just below or on top of your hip bones and consult the guide below for correct sizing. If you have bigger thighs, we recommend choosing the jockstrap or brief models as the legs can also be a bit tight. 


MEDIUM - 27-29"

LARGE - 30-32"

EXTRA LARGE - 33-35"

XXL - 36-38"



Wash in cold water. Drying this product in the dryer will result in normal cotton shrinkage. If you'd like to minimize this, your Jockmail underwear can be air-dried.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
A game changer

I've owned a 4-in-1 prosthetic for the last three years but only wore it a few times because of how unstable and unsecure it felt. These jockstraps were a total gamechanger! They look good, they feel good, and make me feel perfectly secure even when I'm moving around and being active. Not only that, but the groin pocket means that on days where I don't feel like wearing my big prosthetic with its harness underneath, I can just slip a soft packer in and wear that around. No hassle, feels natural and affirming, and my GOD do I feel so much more confident in myself. Loved the first pair so much that I came back for a couple more.

That being said, sizing up is very wise! I'm usually size small but size medium fits much better (size large does as well, surprisingly).

the dongle carriers

first of all, PLEASE believe everyone else when they say you need to size up. I'm going to 100% need to handwash these every time, because otherwise they'll shrink and they're already tight around my thighs. I got two Mediums since 29in is my pant size and I didn't want them to fall down, but if my thighs were even an inch wider they would be Too Small. aside from that:

- holds my packer (a small Mr. Limpy) like a champ. looks very natural and not hard-on-y, doesn't slip and slide around at all.
- now i have two foam inserts I can use to pack when I don't feel like using my current one!
- my butt looks amazing. my thighs look amazing. my package looks hot. my partners thoroughly approve.

- again, they run small. I DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE WHO HAS A WAIST OVER 35". you should probably get the cake bandit underwear instead.
- the material can feel a little weird at first; it's a lot softer than the other boxer briefs I had but since it's tighter it felt strange. if you have texture sensitivities keep this in mind.


Jockmail Packing Boxer Briefs

dik boxers

too small but it was my fault for not measuring myself


I had to cut the bottom a bit to relieve the tension because they shrink in the wash. But they’re good underwear


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