Multi-Color Packer Harness

Product image 1Multi-Color Packer Harness
Product image 2Multi-Color Packer Harness
Product image 3Multi-Color Packer Harness
Product image 4Multi-Color Packer Harness
Product image 5Multi-Color Packer Harness
Product image 6Multi-Color Packer Harness

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We love this sporty, affordable packer harness. The elastic strap fits snugly under your underwear but is stretchy enough to still be comfortable. Compatible with most types of soft packers. It's a great option for people who want to pack every day, but don't own (or don't want to own) an entire drawer of packer underwear. 

  • SIZING:  Small 28-31" waist / Medium 32-35" waist / Large 36-40" waist

It should be noted that this product gives your packer a "lift" and can slightly enhance the appearance of your packer's size. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Awesome for larger packers

I’ve been usin em every day since I got em. I use a mr limpy medium packer and it works great. The one thing is sometimes the top strap for the shaft will slip behind the back of the packer shaft, making it tilt forward. It’s happened only a few times, but it’s never actually fallen out. Honestly I love this thing. It’s surreal to be able to naturally wear a packer in p much any situation without worry. I thought the packing pouch was amazing, but this is on a whole different level!


Multi-Color Packer Harness

Multi-Color Packer Harness

Comfortable, easy on/off, stays in place. Haven't used with STP, so can't speak to that, but works well with my soft packer.

Works with the Santos

I bought this packer to go along with the Santos STP. I like how it holds everything still while you're going about your business, but can be shifted down to use in the bathroom without a huge hassle. It's also a lot cheaper than a drawer of packing underwear. I will be buying another one in the future

mehhhh so-so

i ordered larges and the sizes that came were smalls. even so, the hole was really big and the packer i ordered mostly slips through it. it provides some support tho.

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