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The Number One STP is Number One Laboratories' original STP model.

Those familiar with Transthetic's EZP will recognize the style and shape of this STP packer, though this model comes at a 3rd of the price. Compared to the EZP, the Number One STP has a narrower bowl but a wider hole in the shaft. This wider hole allows for use without restricting your stream. The lower price tag makes this a great STP for beginners. 

Check out Alexander Erin's Review:



Number One Laboratory* STPs are made from Platinum Silicone with a soft powder finish. Every model sold is completely handmade using the best materials available and thoroughly checked for quality and durability. 

- Length: 6.25 inches - 15.9 cm.
- Cup Length: 3 inches - 7.6 cm.
- Cup Width: 1.5 inches - 3.8 cm.
- Shaft Circumference: 3.5 inches - 8.9 cm.

Platinum silicone may be cleaned using any one of the following methods.
- Hot water and soap
- Diluted bleach
- Overnight denture cleaning tablets
- Boil for 3-5 minutes


The Slingshot Harness is a harness made to pair with this STP. 

A note for first-time users, we strongly recommend that you practice in the shower before attempting to use in public. Even if you have had success with other STPs in the past, every STP is different and requires some getting used to. 

*This company used to be called Form Function 

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