TGS Mid Racer Back Binder

by TG Supply


Mid-Length Racerback Binder for Trans and Non-Binary Folx

This mid-length racerback binder is ideal for an all-day comfortable fit. It's made with a moisture-wicking, lightweight fabric.  The extra wide arm holes prevent uncomfortable chaffing and increase mobility. It's best for trans men, trans masc, and non-binary folks with wider shoulders and bigger arms. It also works well for those who like less fabric on their backs. The wide center back panel makes it very supportive and creates a more masculine look and feel. 

This binder also has a support band that helps prevent your binder from rolling up at the bottom.


  • X-small <31.5"
  • Small 32"-34"
  • Medium 34.5"-36.5"
  • Large 37"-39"
  • X-Large 39.5"-41.5"
  • 2XL 42"-43.5"
  • 3XL 44"-46"
  • 4XL 46.5"-48"


    With arms down on the side, measure around the fullest part of your chest. If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you size up. Binding too tightly can constrict your breathing and mobility and cause long-term damage.


    Wash in cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low or flat dry. No bleach, no iron.

    Model wears Large and is 5’2” 160lbs Chest is 37” True waist is 32”

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Hayley Heishman
    Perfect for my needs

    My bra size is normally like 34A and I'm 5'1" and 100 lbs so keep that in mind. I got a size small since my measurement is just barely at the bottom of that and I didn't want to go too tight. REALLY comfy for flattening me pretty decently. Kind of to a point where they're passing when in a jacket and somewhat ambiguous in just a shirt. The fit around the shoulders, sides, and back is nice and allows for pretty free movement. The band isn't too tight at the bottom but doesn't ride up. The material is a smooth, cool feeling that I personally like since I'd always preferred sports bras. I will say my size allows for the lost potential binding power to not matter so it may not bind super well for anyone with larger measurements. Overall great if you don't need major compression and like racerback.

    Courtney Shelton
    Best Experience Ever!!!!

    I reached out to see if shipping could be expedited (it can’t), but the staff at TG were amazing!!! They were thoughtful and kind and have definitely earned my repeat business.

    Imani Moore
    First binder

    My local post office lost my original package, but the team at TGS were so amazing about getting in touch with me and making sure my items arrived in a timely manner. The TGS mid racer binder was my first actual binder (uses trans tape) and my gosh did it deliver. I’d never seen my chest so flat! My mind was blown, the fit of it was very comfortable. Will definitely be making future purchases!

    Carolyn Kelley
    TGS Mid Racer Back Binder

    When I purchased this binder, I was looking for a specific feature. As some of you know, as multi-year binders, **** begin not being so perky anymore after being compressed so much. I was looking for a binder that specifically would fix the issue I was having with my GC2B half binders--that my breast tissue was starting to sag enough to come out the bottom of the binder. I saw this design, saw that it had a bottom band (which was designed to avoid ride up), and gave it a try. First, it does what I wanted it to--I don't have to worry about **** slipping out of the bottom of my binder. But secondly, somewhat of a con, that same band that fixed my problem, also caused the binder to be harder to take off. Once I learned the trick to getting it off though, that con hasn't bothered me anymore. As for durability, it seems well made. None of the seams have ripped out from a few weeks of use, unlike my last GC2B purchase. It is fairly comfortable, but there is one small part of the fit that bothers me--a quirk, if you will. I think this binder is longer between the top of the straps and the bottom of the band, so I feel it goes down too far, or if I put the band where it is comfortable, the straps are just a little too loose. This fit is not a deal-breaker for me, however.
    All in all, a good quality binder with a slightly different design than the standard GC2B or underworks designs.

    Shannon Bell
    Almost Perfect

    While a little loose fitting, I originally ordered a large, the overall fit is so much better for me than any other brand I've tried. The wider arm opening got rid of all of the bad chaffing I've dealt with other binders and has skyrocketed this one up to my #1. I will be purchasing a medium to try next, but even with the large being a little loose, I still prefer ot to any others I own.


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