NYTC Mid Binder

by New York Toy Collective


This binder has great mobility for your arms and upper back offering a more comfortable fit without compromising front compression. The neck is also low enough to wear beneath button-downs and v-necks without showing. 

With reinforced stitching for extra durability and a moisture-wicking lining to help keep you dry you'll feel both confident and comfortable. Plus this binder is made with a matte white material that resembles a typical undershirt. 


Size Guide


How to Measure:

1. Start by measuring the smallest part of your chest. Wrap a cloth tape measure around your body just under your armpits.

2. Next, use the cloth tape measure around the fullest part of your chest. This is usually where your nipples are, but not always.

3. Add these two numbers together and then divide by 2 to determine your size. 

• XSmall – 32-33″
• Small – 34-35″
• Medium – 36-37″
• Large – 38-40″
• XL  – 41-43″
• XXL  – 44-46″

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alexander J. George
Love it

Took a second to get used to a new binder but I love the fit.

Kerry Walsh
Did not fit at all

This binder didn’t even hold my boobs down it just cover them my boobs were falling out from the bottom. Material not flexible enough and when washed looses elasticity. Lastly these binder they make aren’t really meant for people who have size C boobs or bigger very disappointing cause the binder is meant to make you feel more comfortable about binding but this product cannot do that.

Dylan Bird

NYTC Mid Binder

Sydney Tripido
worked great for a while then broke

Super disappointed. The binder was stretchy and comfortable and great at first but got overstretched so quickly and broke on the side. it quickly became uncomfrotable after 30 days of wear. wouldnt reccomend.

janelle higdon
Love it

So comfortable, does a good job binding, my only minor issue is that the bottom seam stitching has already begun to unravel (after about 2 weeks of intermittent wearing). Not a huge issue but I would have expected it would hold up a bit longer. Binder still fits and works as expected, and it fits so nicely, especially under the arms, that I see no need to do anything about it.


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