NYTC Long Binder

by New York Toy Collective


This binder is perfect to tuck into your underwear. It has great mobility for your arms and upper back offering a more comfortable fit without compromising front compression. The neck is also low enough to wear beneath button-downs and v-necks without showing. Tuck it in and it will stay put all day long.

With reinforced stitching for extra durability and a moisture-wicking lining to help keep you dry you'll feel both confident and comfortable. Plus this binder is made with a matte white material that resembles a typical undershirt.  

Size Guide


How to Measure:

1. Start by measuring the smallest part of your chest. Wrap a cloth tape measure around your body just under your armpits.

2. Next, use the cloth tape measure around the fullest part of your chest. This is usually where your nipples are, but not always.

3. Add these two numbers together and then divide by 2 to determine your size. 

• XSmall – 32-33″
• Small – 34-35″
• Medium – 36-37″
• Large – 38-40″
• XL  – 41-43″
• XXL  – 44-46″

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kim Deitz
Good binder

This is my first binder. It fits well and does a very good job of flattening my chest. It’s difficult to take off but I guess that’s to be expected.

Lauren Amador
Effective but not too Restrictive

I bought an XL and I'm 5'-8" and 180 lbs. This fits well. I don't like being restricted and so I have to only wear for half a day, even though that's difficult because I'd want to wear all the time. This isn't too tight and I like the full length since I have a belly. Overall super happy I bought this.

Very Comfortable

I got this for my son as his first proper binder. The look on his face when he put it on was so ecstatic! He says it's super comfortable, feels like an undershirt, and he likes that the neckline is low enough that you don't see it with most shirts. We've since picked up several more. The sizing is accurate. I've recommended TG binders to several of my other FTM friends.

M.A. White
Quality Product

This is my 2nd binder. I bought one from a more known site but this one is better quality overall! Thank You 💙💙💙

Ryan Davidson
Works Well

I didn’t expect so much compression on my stomach, but I was shopping around a lot and may have got it confused with another that specified no compression on the stomach. But it worked out okay! I ordered it for a wedding I was in, and I’m pretty overweight, so holding my belly in as well as my chest made me feel that much better about myself! Otherwise it’s relatively comfortable, works pretty well to compress my very large chest, and stays down perfectly as long as it’s tucked into my pants. I’m overweight, so I always have issues with tight things rolling up over my fat rolls, which is does unless it’s tucked in. I’m very happy with my purchase, and will look into ordering a half binder once I lose this belly, lol
It is however too tight and uncomfortable to wear on a regular or daily basis, so I only break it out occasionally. But I also ordered a size down since I am on a serious weight loss journey and didn’t want it to be too big and useless within a month. I definitely look forward to it being loser in the belly and being able to wear it more often!


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