Cake Bandit Briefs

by TG Supply


These briefs feel great and won’t add unwanted bulk to your slim-fitting pants.

They keep your package high and tight and won’t sag down between your legs. You can do headstands and your packer will stay put.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your packer in the bathroom either. They have a second layer inside creating a pouch that can be used to stash your packer or foam cup.

Cake Bandit is for all trans, cis, non-binary, and GNC people and can be worn with or without a packer.

Note: These are not STP functional. You can stash an STP in the pouch but you would need to pull it completely out to the pouch to use it to pee.



92% Cotton 6% Spandex

Wash cold with like colors - will shrink a little in a hot or warm wash

No Bleach

Tumble Dry on Medium Low - will shrink a little in the dryer


Small: 27"- 32”
Medium: 32”- 36”
Large: 36” - 38”
XL: 38” - 42”
2XL: 42”- 47"
3XL: 46"- 52”

CAKE BANDIT is designed by non-binary trans folks for all humans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Comfy and great looking but NOT worth the cash

I invested in a bunch of these after initially buying a single pair a while ago (which I'd been impressed with). The colors are great, they keep my packer in place, and they help a lot with my passing anxiety. That said, within a week or two of wearing them, my black pair got a hole in the back just under the waistband- huge bummer!! I followed all of the care instructions and wasn't doing anything wild or strenuous in them, either. In sum: they seemed great at first, but could be higher quality given how expensive they are. If I'd known they were this fragile, I definitely wouldn't have bought them (at least at this price).

Best packing briefs ever!

These are my faveorite packing briefs by far. Thank you for creating something that feels amazing and looks great on my body!!


Cake Bandit Briefs Green

Best packing underwear!!

These are so soft and comfy! Look great to boot!

Best Big Guy Packing Underwear

As a pretty large plus size trans man, finding packing underwear is impossible. But cake Bandit packing briefs are the most comfortable, stretchiest, and best picking underwear that fit so comfy. I also have the jock strap and that is also so so comfortable. I will only be wearing this brand. Thank you for being inclusive for big guys!


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