Best Underworks Binder For FTMs | FTM Binding

Not sure which is the best Underworks binder for FTMs? I don't blame you. 

Underworks' has tons of chest binding options to choose from. Have no fear though, we are going to help you decide which Underworks binder is best for you.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Underworks, it's one of the most popular places to buy binders. Underworks got their start as a company helping cis guys with gynecomastia. Today they make "shapewear" to help people of all genders.

Transguys often choose Underworks when buying their first binders. This is likely because Underworks binders are generally cheaper than other binder companies. They're also pretty easy to find. There are lots of sites that sell Underworks, including Transguy Supply. This makes them an excellent choice for guys who are starting out in their transition.

Although Underworks has many different products, only some are suited for FTMs. For starters, each product has a different level of compression. Cis guys with gynecomastia often don't need the same kind of extreme compression as trans guys.  

We recently reached out to the company to ask which binders are the best for FTMs. They replied with some great options! Read on to find out which Underworks binder might be best for you.  


Econo Series Chest Binder and Tank

Kicking it off is the Econo Top Binder which is named for its affordable price tag! This binder is made of 70% nylon, 30% spandex compression material. It also has a cotton layer on the interior for comfort.  

The Econo Binder is offered in a tank top style as well if you're looking for a full-length option. According to the manufacturer, this binder is made of "a single layer of compression fabric. It stretches very little but also has a softer cotton lining underneath. The back is made of a single layer of stretchier material." This one may be a better option for those of you that are on a tight budget or have a smaller chest size.  

The downside of this binder is the "single-layer" of compression on the front side of the binder. Underworks informed us that "the number of panels and type of fabric truly determine the power level." While the Econo Binders will still give you great compression, they won't last as long as other models.  

Searching for something with more layers of compression? We got you. Let's take a look at some more options.


Tri-Top Chest Binder

Wait... this binder looks the exact same as the first one you showed me? It may look that way but it's not the case! Along with the $12 increase in price, this has TRIPLE the amount of compression thanks to the three layers of compacting material in the front. This binder is a better choice for those who have a bigger chest size.  

The Tri-Top Binder's superpower is also its greatest weakness. Because the compression is so good, it can be hard to break in. This can be particularly uncomfortable around the armholes, which sometimes chafe. However, if you have a bigger chest and want some major flattening, the tri-top is your guy.  

Thinking about a tank top style instead of a crop top? Keep Reading. 


Ultimate Chest Binder Tank

Thinking about going shirtless? If you're concerned with passing, this option may be better than a binder that stops mid-stomach. With this binder going down to your waist, it provides peace of mind because many cis-guys rock only tank tops in the summer or wear them under their shirts while changing.

With no change in price from the Tri-Top binder, this one has "two layers of Powernet panels" across the front of the binder to help your chest look flatter.

Since this is a tank top, the company mentions that it can be a great option for tucking into your jeans or shorts to help give the sides of your torso a more flat shape as well. Tucking it in will maximize the shaping effects and keep the binder from riding up as well.  


The Cotton Concealer Binder (Underworks 988 Binder)

Speaking of tank tops, the Cotton Concealer is one of our all-time favorite Underworks binders. If you want a tank-style binder with awesome compression, but don't want your stomach to be compressed too, this is the binder for you.

It's made from the same 70% nylon, 30% spandex that the Tri-Top Binder is made from, but with 2 layers instead of 3. The 3rd layer on this binder is made of a cotton/spandex blend. This makes this binder way softer than the other models on this list.  In general, we think this is the most comfortable Underworks binder on the market.

The Cotton Concealer also has really thick, strong seams that will hold up for a long time. The thick seams do mean that it will show underneath your shirt, but to the average viewer, it will just look like a normal undershirt. 

Our only negative feedback on this binder is that because this binder is made from cotton, it tends to be warmer than other models. In the Summer, this probably isn't your best bet, but it's our favorite cooler weather compression tank.   


Extreme Magicotton Sports Binder

We tell folks over and over again not to exercise in your binder. And we really do mean it. You can seriously hurt yourself from binding while exercising. That said, this binder is actually MADE for wearing while exercising. It's not nearly as compressive as the other guys on this list, but you can swap out your daily binder with this one whenever you hit the gym. 

We've heard from numerous sources that this has awesome results and many trans guys swear by this binder. It's made of 32% spandex and 22% nylon fibers wrapped in 46% real cotton for a very different feel than the other binder options mentioned above. They rave about its ability to minimize or eliminate the dreadful "bounce" when working out.  


All in all, everybody is different and you should always do your research when trying to find which binder is best suited for your body. I hope this helped you narrow down some options when looking for the best Underworks binder for FTMs! Let us know which Underworks binders you've tried and your experiences with them in the comments below!

No matter which option you choose, you are amazing and I wish you nothing but happiness on your journey to your most authentic self.  

Want to read more about Chest Binding? Our Chest Binding 101 article is the most comprehensive resource on the web. 

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