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Xmall STP

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Do you have backflow issues with other Stand to Pee devices? Do you fear you'll never be able to find one that will work for you? Fear not. The Xmall STP was designed especially for guys like you. 

While some guys may not like the extra-large urethral opening, holy wow, is this guy easy to use. Even guys with the strongest and fastest pee streams will have no issue with backflow. And honestly, unless someone's head is in the urinal (no judgments), no one will be able to see the Xmall STP's wider opening.

The Xmall STP also packs remarkably well. It can be packed "up" or "down" and creates a bulge similar in size to the smallest Mr. Limpy

Made of 100% Body-Safe silicone and available in 5 skin tones. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nice 2in1

I really like the Xmall STP. It looks quite realistic and it's an uncut peen!
Size wise it compares to a Mr Limpy XS. Due to the balls being flatter, it's easier to pack with/more discrete than the limpy. The silicone is a soft, squishy kind making packing also very comfortable. The large cup makes that the stp doesn't really press against your bottom growth, which might be an issue for some if you're on the bigger side (i'm small tho)

STP wise, it's pretty easy to use. You can even use it with only one hand. I haven't much leakage. You don't really have to keep in your pee, you can pee slowly or fast thanks to the large hollow shaft and the big urethra.
However, the negative thing that occured to me with this big urethra, is that the pee sometimes goes in a different direction instead of a proper straight 'line'.

Still, i'd really recommend this for aynyone just starting with an STP. it's not too pricey and what u get is a nice , rather realistic but comfy packer & stp in one!

Great for packing

Its good for packing not so much as an stp or at least in public that is its a good starter stp though


Not bad. Better than other STPs I’ve tried. Don’t love it yet. Maybe after a few more months of using it it will feel better. Also, color is WAY lighter than appeared on website.


Cup is a bit small, placing it accurately isn't easy, but I keep practising.

Super Easy STP

I love this STP. If you position it correctly, it's basically impossible to back flow. The texture is great for packing too, a little sticky, but nothing that a little powder can't take care of.

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