Xmall STP

by TranStore Packers


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Do you have backflow issues with other Stand to Pee devices? Do you fear you'll never be able to find one that will work for you? Fear not. The Xmall STP was designed especially for guys like you. 

While some guys may not like the extra-large urethral opening, holy wow, is this guy easy to use. Even guys with the strongest and fastest pee streams will have no issue with backflow. And honestly, unless someone's head is in the urinal (no judgments), no one will be able to see the Xmall STP's wider opening.

The Xmall STP also packs remarkably well. It can be packed "up" or "down" and creates a bulge similar in size to the smallest Mr. Limpy

Made of 100% Body-Safe silicone and available in 5 skin tones. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

It was my first STP, and I was so surprised by how easy it was to use. I would 100% recommend this STP
For the price, the quality you get is good.

X small stp

I have only been able to use this STP twice leak free, it is very difficult for me and I feel that maybe my anatomy is too long for the cup. However, I think this is a pretty good packer. It is a little stiff so unless your underwear is on the tighter side it will look like you have a boner, but its not that bad. I wear this everyday with my Calvin Klein briefs that are a size smaller than my normal size. I have noticed that because the hole in the tip is so large sometimes the flow switches from one size to the other unexpectedly causing urine to go all over the toilet seat and floor. In conclusion, pretty good STP for the price, pretty good packer as well.

Uncut STP

I love that it’s uncut. Super difficult to find uncut prosthetics. Like all it takes some getting use to but if you have trouble controlling your stream, this is the STP for you. Soft, easy to clean. Sometimes flips around in your undies but most times you won’t look like you have a boner. I like it. 4/5 stars.

Black men, those of us brown and darker, this color will look too light on you. The chocolate is more like a milk chocolate. Think, hot chocolate colored. Maybe a little lighter. Lighter Black men, you’re in the clear.

easy to use, good look and feel

My first STP was the pstyle, which worked well for me. Then I got the x small STP from trans guy supply. It works about as well as the pstyle for peeing. and for packing it is great! the name of this product is a misnomer, it didn't feel xtra small or even small to me. It seemed very medium or medium large. It fits in most of my pants just fine. Stays in place in regular men's underware, like tightish boxer briefs or briefs.

Great STP and Packer

I've had a few different STPs in my day, and this one is not only the one I've had the most constant success using, but it's also been *the* best when also used as a packer.
It's small enough to be a functional and realistic pack, and the open design is great for effortless flow control. The general appearance is also good and realistic.

The only minor drawback is that the small reservoir/scrotum can sit a little lower, and has to be tilted forward quite a bit after use or else one runs the risk of about a teaspoon of pee remaining in it. Depending on one's body, technique, etc. this might be negligible, and I'll admit I'm still experimenting with different holds, etc.

Very satisfied, especially after having less successful STP and packing experiences with devices costing a lot more.


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