JOCKMAIL Stripe Jock w/ Pouch

TG Supply

  • $16.00

Made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex, this low-rise, breathable jockstrap will keep your packer in place through even the most vigorous activities. Jockmail jockstraps come with a removable soft foam placer pouch that can be used in lieu of a packer if desired. Alternatively, remove the soft foam placer from the front pouch and drop in your favorite packer. The pouch cannot accommodate larger packers but is compatible with the XS, S, and M sized Mr. Limpy as well as the New York Toy Collective Archer and Pierre packers. The cloth barrier means your packer won't stick to your skin or chafe.  

*Jockmail underwear runs small. Consult the chart for correct sizing. 

MEDIUM - Waist 27-29" / LARGE - Waist 30-31" / XTRA LARGE - 32-33"



Wash in cold water. Drying this product in the dryer will result in normal cotton shrinkage. If you'd like to minimize this, your Jockmail underwear can be air dried.

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