Cake Bandit Boxer Briefs - 6" Inseam

by TG Supply


These Boxer Briefs have a 6” inseam and don’t bunch up in your crotch.

They keep your package high and tight and won’t sag down between your legs. You can do headstands and your packer will stay put.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your packer in the bathroom either. They have a second layer inside creating a pouch that can be used to stash your packer or foam cup.

Cake Bandit Underwear is for all, Trans, Cis, Non-Binary, and GNC people and can be worn with or without a packer, a foam enhancement cup cut to size, or without any insert.

Note: these are not STP functional, you can store most stand to pee devices in the pouch but you will need to pull it completely out to the pouch to use it.



92% Cotton 6% Spandex

Wash cold with like colors - Shrinks a little in the wash

No Bleach

Tumble Dry on Medium Low


Small: 27"- 32”
Medium: 32”- 35“
Large: 34” - 38”
XL: 38” - 43”
2XL: 42”- 46"
3XL: 46"- 52”


CAKE BANDIT is designed by non-binary trans folks for all people.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pretty darn good

These are the best undies I've ever bought! They're real comfy and there's a panel on the inner thigh that stops them riding up, which is great for me because I've got thick thighs. Its also really nice to know everything stays where it should


Cake Bandit Boxer Briefs Aqua


Cake Bandit Boxer Briefs Aqua


Cake Bandit Boxer Briefs Aqua


I love these boxers and they keep everything where it should be. also love the color!!

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