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Jockmail Boxer Brief Red

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Jockmail Packing Boxers are the perfect packing solution for active guys. Each pair has a special pouch for your packer that keeps your packer snug against your body.
Run, jump, flip - your packer will stay put through even the most vigorous activities. Plus the cotton barrier keeps your packer from sticking to you during your day.
Jockmail Boxer Briefs also come with a removable soft foam insert that you can use instead a packer. This is great for guys who don't have a packer or who don't want an anatomical bulge. Of course, you can always remove the soft foam insert and drop in your favorite packer. The pouch is big enough to fit most packer sizes, but small enough to keep your packer secure. Made soft with a combo of 92% cotton and 8% spandex.


Check out Alexander Erin's Review!!!



Jockmail underwear runs small. Do NOT order your "normal" size underwear. We also don't recommend ordering your regular jeans size. Instead, measure the part of your waist where your underwear band rests and consult the guide below for correct sizing. 

MEDIUM - Waist 27-29"

LARGE - Waist 30-32"

EXTRA LARGE - 33-35"

XXL - 36-38"



Wash in cold water. Drying this product in the dryer will result in normal cotton shrinkage. If you'd like to minimize this, your Jockmail underwear can be air dried.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great product if you have slim thighs

The M and L waist fits but the leg holes are too tight for comfort. Very well made but he almost ripped them trying to get around his thighs. We are sizing up with our fingers crossed and our sewing machine ready to take in the waist.

Great product

We received one of our two items because of supply issue but the boxer brief we received is amazing and works so freaking well. My man is super excited about his boxers and can’t wait to receive the stp we also bought from TG supply but it’s really upsetting that it’s been two weeks since we received the first of the two items we bought on the same day. We were not told until we messaged TG supply after we received the boxers, that the stp was going to be a few days late, again it’s been a week and a half since we told them that we didn’t receive the stp and yet it still hasn’t shipped.

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